B.Sc in Animation & Multimedia - B.Sc (A & M)

Course Duration : 3 years.

Eligibility : 10 + 2 / PUC / Equivalent.

Affiliated to Mysore University.


Characters, backgrounds, lighting and sound come together to create fantasy worlds. Learn how to transform a 2D drawing into a 3D model, layer on flesh and clothes, make that character move, smile and laugh. We have the tools and technology to help to create stories and to create awe-inspiring worlds. The animation industry is set to clock stupendous growth in coming times. The degree in Animation & Multimedia enables to harness creative and technical skills and put them to good use in computer animation. Students will also hone design and presentation skills, which is a requisite in multimedia channels. The students acquire an understanding of the importance of simulations and their visual translation


This futuristic design field opens up many amazing career possibilities: Graphic Artist, Storyboard and Concept Artist, Digital Artist, Cartoonist, Animator, Character Designer, Design Consultant, Gaming Software Developer, Special Effects Consultant, Digital Post Production Engineer, Art Director, Instructor. Graduates are eligible to join TV & Film Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Education Software Developers, or pursue a career in Media and Journalism.



1.  English.

2.  Indian constitution and ethics.

3.  Fundamentals of computers.

4.  Introduction to vector and raster design.


1.  3D modelling – Maya.

2.  Rigging and muscle systems.

3.  3D animation bases.

4.  Color grading and mixing.

5.  MAYA foundation.


1.  Communicative English.

2.  Environmental studies.

3.  Principals of animations.

4.  Elements of proportions.

5.  History of animation and design fundamentals.


1.  3D Texturing – Maya.

2.  3D character animation.

3.  Lighting and rendering.

4.  Maya dynamics.

5.  Color grading and mixing.

6.  Digital composition.


1.  Introduction to 3D – 3DMax.

2.  Audio and Video editing and technology.

3.  Film making basics.

4.  2D digital animations; flash.

5.  Graphic Designing.

6.  Digital publishing and storytelling.


1.  Fundamentals of game technology.

2.  Tech animation.

3.  Special effects for the animation movies.

4.  Portfolio development and project.

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