B.Sc in Animation Multimedia

Course Duration : 3 year full time.

Eligibility : 10+2/ PUC/ Equivalent.

Affiliated to Bangalore/Bharathiar University – Proposed


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This futuristic design field opens up many amazing career possibilities: Graphic Artist, Storyboard and Concept Artist, Digital Artist, Cartoonist, Animator, Character Designer, Design Consultant, Gaming Software Developer, Special Effects Consultant, Digital Post Production Engineer, Art Director, Instructor. Graduates are eligible to join TV & Film Production Companies, Advertising Agencies, Education Software Developers, or pursue a career in Media and Journalism.




1. Language – I
2. English – I
3. Core I: Foundation Course in Classical Animation
4. Core Lab I: 2D Animation
5. Core II: Principles of Animation
6. Allied I: Drawing – Practical
7. Environmental Studies



1. Language – IV
2. English – IV
3. Core VII: Advanced 3D Animation
4. Core VIII: 3D Character Animation
5. Core Lab III: 3D Advanced modeling
6. Allied IV: Production for Animation
7. Skill Based Subject II: Show Case Project – II
8. Advanced Tamil (or) Non-major elective –II



1. Language – II
2. English – II
3. Core III: Introduction to 2D Digital Animation
4. Core Lab II: 2D Digital Animation
5. Allied II : Creative Writing
6. Value Education – Human rights



1. Core IX:Audio-Video Tools & Technology
2. Core XI: Basic Compositing
3. Core Lab IV: Computer Lab on Basic Compositing
4. Core XI: Basic Motion Graphics
5. Elective I
6. Skill Based Subject III –Show Case Project in Motion Graphics



1. Language – III
2. English – III
3. Core IV: Introduction to 3D
4. Core V: Advanced Concepts Of 3D Material
5. Core VI: 3D Modeling
6. Allied III: Computer Lab on 3D
7. Skill Based Subject I: Show Case Project – I
8. Non-major elective – I



1. Core XII: Advanced Compositing
2. Core Lab V: Computer Lab on Advanced Compositing
3. Core XIII: Dynamic Simulation
4. Elective II
5. Elective III
6. Skill Based Subject IV
7. Extension Activities

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