By RichmondUniverity

Top Fashion Events in India

In ancient Indian fashion, India really did not have garments that were sewed together like dhoti, saree, turbans, scarves. The recent developments in Indian fashion have changed the scenario. Now the fashion especially in urban India has changed. People in India have got influenced and adapted the fashion which has become a vibrant scene and turned out a colourful and a glamorous world where everyday a new trend is getting introduced. Until recently, people have focused on couture lines and wedding trousseau but now the Indian fashion has gone up to international market and got combined with the western culture. Fashion events like various fashion weeks are helping the designers to showcase their talent. These events are not only launching the several designers and models but also it is a platform for the business of fashion, fashion design institutes in India and the students which has helped to interact between designers and buyers in Indian and international market. Indian fashion has got an international recognition all over the world.    Read more