By RichmondUniverity

Patchwork – Reforming Fashion Industry

Patchwork involves multiple panels of patterned fabric in the same ensemble. Patchwork is more of a print trend than a fabric trend. The unique manner of placing the printed fabrics in a patchwork design imparts a unique identity to the outfit. Patchwork is not to be confused with print-on-print. Though, there is not much difference between the patchwork and print-on-print, as both offer the wearer a canvas of colours and prints. Nevertheless, unlike layered prints, patchwork prints are cleverly and creatively created as one piece, by means of stitching several pieces of print fabric together. At a glance, it might appear as unmatched pieces of fabric, but in reality a lot of thought goes into assembling different pieces of fabric and turning them into an elegant garb, which is styled to look that way.    Read more