MBA in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management – (FM & RM)

Pursue an MBA in Fashion Merchandising and Retail Management to Evaluate Business Opportunities

“Fashion is the armour to survive the reality of everyday life.” — Bill Cunningham.

The program in Fashion Merchandising & Retail Management aspires to train fashion management professionals to face the changing trends in the fast moving fashion world.  It enables to understand and interpret the economic macro-scenarios, to anticipate and analyze the changes. The modules helps to understand the strengths and the weaknesses of competitors, to segment and monitor the market, to identify the product and the related production, distribution and sales dynamics and also to envisage new business opportunities for brand development. Most importantly, the course deals with the constantly changing aspects of fashion marketing management from the analysis of the Fashion System to study the eccentricity of fashion marketing and fashion communication techniques, through the use of digital media.


This programme opens up career opportunities in the areas of fashion merchandising, sales promotion, retail advertising, and other retail activities. A student after the completion of the course will have following job profiles to choose: Fashion buyer, Fashion Merchandiser, Product Designer and developer, Design Consultant & Entrepreneur, Exporter, Retailing outlets, Boutiques & Visual Merchandiser, Production Executive, Quality Control Manager, Sampling Co-ordinator, sourcing manager.

Course Details


1. Management & Organization Behavior.

2. Managerial Economics.

3. Business Environment.

4. Customer Relationship Management.

5. Communication skills with Report writing.

6. Fashion Business Management.


1. Accounting for Retail Organizations.

2. Shop Floor Management.

3. Statistical Analysis & Operations Research.

4. The Retail Environment.

5. Merchandise Management.


1. Business Ethics & Corporate Governance.

2. Entrepreneurship.

3. Management Information System.

4. Fashion Merchandising.

5. Retail Operations, Systems & Inventory.

6. Total Quality Management.

7. Computer Application in Management.


1. Retail Advertising & Promotion.

2. Business Research.

3. Retail Supply chain Management.

4. Viva.

5. Fashion Event.

6. Project Report.

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