Degree in Graphic Design & Multimedia – (B.Sc GDM)

Course Duration : 3 Years.

Eligibility : 10+2/PUC/ Equivalent.

Affiliated to Mysore University.


The course    is    a    creative    and    technical    endeavour.    Designers    are   moving    away    from    perceptible    object -­‐orientated    and    towards   experimental-­‐oriented    design    and    are    involved    in    producing    services,   information    visualization    and    visual    practices.    Designers    are    taught    to   develop    academic    receptivity    and    skill,    cultivated    through    educational   training    and    expert    understanding,    to    create    designs    for    modelling    through    various    media    that    creates    significance    for    a    community    of    diverse    consumers.       This is    done    by    relating    critical    thinking,   originality,    experimentation    and    assessment t  that    is    significantly   supported    by    an    approach    that    highlights    deference,    respects    human,   environmental    and    cultural    diversity.    They    endeavour    to    create   communication    methods    and    skills    for    the    improvement    of    media   and    the    environment.    They    concurrently    master    technologies    and   production    practices    in    order    to    complete    deliverables.


Branding, Graphic Ar6st, Graphic Designer, Ad film maker/director, Typographer, Fashion photographer  .




1.  Visual Art Studies.

2.  Design Theory & Concepts .

3.  Cultural Studies.

4.  Computer Aided Design.

5.  Material & Media Exploration.

6.  Fundamentals of Geometry.

7.  Digital Media Studies.

8.  Typography Basics.

9.  Typography & calligraphy.

10.  Photography.

11.  Advertising & Marketing .

12.  Printing & Production Methods.

13.  Public Relations Studies.

14.  Event Management & Planning.

15.  Visual Merchandising.

16.  Graphic Design.

17.  Portfolio Development.

18.  Interactive Media Design.

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