Certificate Program in Web Designing – (CCWD)

Course Duration : 6 Months.


Eligibility 10th Std & Above.


Web designing is a creative career, highly in demand. As Internet usage keeps increasing, more and more businesses want their own websites. Web designers come up with out-of-the-box design ideas and use software & high-end technology to design websites that are easy to use & fun to look at.

A career in web designing is exciting, as every new project brings new challenges and involves a lot of creative thinking. Trained & certified web designers earn a high salary, especially with a few years of experience in hand.

Learning Methodology

Teaching, learning and assessment processes have been developed to ensure that students experience a variety of methods of learning and assessment. The program is a combination of lectures and tutorials and assessments are through individual assignments, group assignments, workshops, presentations, and formal examination. Group discussion forms the key part of our teaching. We give our students various creative designs inputs; ask them to analyze the concepts, and trigger the creative juice to flow by engaging them in innovative activities.


Web Designer, Graphics Designer, Background Artist, 2D Animator, Icon Designer, UI Designer




1.  Principles of Design.

2.  Photoshop.

3.  Flash for Design and Animation.

4.  Flash Action Script.

5.  HTML.

6.  JAVA.

7.  CSS.

8.  Dreamweaver.

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