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Interior Designing
 Interior Design


Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology offers students the unique opportunity to be trained in the art of interior designing. The institution specifically aims to train students and professionals with the human, artistic, technical, historical and sociological knowledge.
Vogue institute focuses on development of a critical mind while reinforcing the students’ creative and analytical capabilities to help them to create better and most comprehensive interior environment. The various interior designing courses ensure that the students are trained in a systematic and coordinated methodology; this methodology is most often preceded by research, analysis, and integration of knowledge into a more comprehensive creative process.

Vogue Institute of fashion technology shares close ties with the interior designing industry, thus helping students to receive first-hand information of the interior designing industry. Those who want to pursue a career in interior Designing can take up these courses to learn developing design solutions that are safe, functional and attractive and meet the needs of the space user. Previously architects would handle both exterior and interior design work. Only over the last few years people have become more mindful of the design and layout of their working and living spaces. This new importance has given professional interior designers greater opportunities.

Some of the regular tasks of an interior designer include-

  • Selection of furniture, furnishings, equipment, including layout drawings and detailed product descriptions

  • Selection of colours and materials to correctly portray the design concept and to meet functional, maintenance, environmental, and safety requirements

  • Research and analysis of the client's desires, and development of documents, drawings, and diagrams outlining these needs

  • Preparation of construction documents including plans, elevations, details and specifications to illustrate layouts.


As an interior designer one can specialize in a particular area of expertise such as-
  • Residential designing

  • Commercial designing

  • Landscape designing

  • Institutional designing.

Interior Design & Management –
Interior Design – B.Sc (ID)
Interior Design - (GDID)

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