Certificate Course in Polished Diamond Grading (CC-PDG)

Course Duration: 6 Days

Proposed: Rs.15,000


Catering to the industry, VIFT has designed this fast-paced course that will quickly bring you to a level where you can identify, grade and price diamonds according to international grading and trading practices. It will give you a understanding of the grading standards followed worldwide and is ideally suited for individuals with tight time constraints.

  • Introduction to diamonds
  • Cut grading
    • Excellent, very good, good, fair and poor
    • Cut grading using diamond appearance
    • Cut grading using diamond properties
  • Clarity grading
    • Flawless
    • Internal flawless
    • (Very very slightly included) VVS1 and VVS2
    • (Very slightly included) VS1and VS2
    • (Slightly included) SI1and SI2
    • Included
  • Carat, weight and size
  • Fancy cut
    • Grading fancy cut.

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