Certificate Course in Gemology - (CCG)

Course Duration : 4 Months.

Eligibility : 10 + 2 / PUC / Graduate and above.


“So, to really execute design in its highest form and making people feel joy, that’s a great reward..” –  Genevieve Gorder. 

Gemmology is a branch of science that deals with rare and beautiful gems. A Diploma in Gemmology provides an opportunity to learn more about the fascinating world of precious stones. A student will learn about how to identify precious and semi-precious stones and their properties that make them so valuable and sought after. Students are provided an environment to translate the knowledge gained into creative designs. The course infuses the ancient craft of jewel designing with a contemporary vision with the aid of computer technology.


A qualification in Gemmology opens doors to you in the jewellery industry. You can even pursue a specialised carer in gem cutting and polishing.



1.  Basic qualities of a gem, methods employed in mining of gems, Physical properties, Optical properties & optical effects in gemstones etc..

2.  Theory of gem cutting techniques, crystallography & applications in Gemology.

3.  Instruments in gem identification techniques, limitation & precautions.

4.  Synthetic, composites, imitation gemstones & plastics, treatment of gemstones.

5.  Synthetic identification of gemstone groups, Individual stones & their stimulants.

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