Vogue Institute Mission and Vision of the College


VOGUE’s vision is to be the premier institute of academic excellence in the country, in the field of Art, Design and Management.


VOGUE’s mission is to provide Customised Academic programs through professional partnerships, so as to hone the skills, nurture creativity, inculcate ethical value through a holistic approach, in order to face global challenges


  • To impact professional education covering the whole spectrum of activities in the realm of Fashion and Textiles, Design and Management, to develop Design Professionals with a dynamic global outlook, a sense of social responsibility, critical and creative thinking.
  • To support job needs professionally, focused with the required input in terms of Design, Technology and Marketing directions.
  • Innovative teaching methodologies and practices to further enhance learning and teaching to implement outcome based learning and teaching, to provide a state of the art environment that stimulates students’ learning interests.
  • To be recognised as an area of excellence in Fashion & Textiles, Design, Research and Management domestically and internationally.
  • To lead and enhance the development of Fashion and Textile Industry.
  • To conduct research, to create and disseminate knowledge to all spheres-academic, commerce, Industry, community, society and the world at large.