Advance Graduate Diploma in VFX Pro – (AGDVFX PRO)

Course Duration : 2 Years.


Eligibility 10th Std & Above.


Hollywood & Bollywood films use VFX to produce awesome effects & realistic environments in films. Through visual effects, the artists can make interesting things happen in movies – bomb blasts, natural disasters, flying objects, superpowers, etc. – that are difficult or impossible to shoot in real life.

This is a huge industry & needs talented, trained people. Salaries are good for the right person. If you wish to join this industry, you have to create high-quality visual effects (VFX) for films, TV, advertisements & games.


Teaching, learning and assessment processes have been developed to ensure that students experience a variety of methods of learning and assessment. The diploma in animation and VFX program is a combination of lectures and tutorials and assessments are through individual assignments, group assignments, workshops, presentations, and formal examination. Group discussion forms the key part of our teaching. We give our students various creative designs inputs; ask them to analyze the concepts and trigger the creative juice to flow by engaging them in innovative activities.


You can make a successful career as a VFX artist & composing artist in: Animation Film Production Studios, Television Channels, Television Production Houses, Ad Production Houses





1.  Pre-Production.

2.  Drawing.

3.  Basics of Photography.

4.  Basics of Film Making.

5.  Photoshop.

6.  3ds Max.

7.  MAYA.

8.  Real Flow.

9.  V-Ray.

10.  Animation.

11.  Adobe Audition.

12.  Premiere.

13.  After Effects.