B.Sc in 3D Design & Architecture

Course Duration : 3 year full time.

Eligibility : 10+2/ PUC/ Equivalent.

Affiliated to Bharathiar University (Proposed)

Improve your Design Skills with a B.Sc in 3D Design and Architecture at Vogue Institute

When it comes to working on a new building, an architect’s role begins by assisting the contractors in choosing the best location for the building. You’ll then be involved in the process of overseeing the construction of a new building or structure. Initially, it’s all about producing sketches and models and working out measurements and other guidelines for the builders and construction teams.

Your time will then be spent working alongside clients, builders and surveyors to ensure that every detailed feature of the building or structure is safe, efficient and functioning as perfectly as possible.

The general rule of thumb is that if it works on a small scale, or in a model, it will work perfectly no matter what the size. That’s why you’ll often see small scale models of football stadiums, buildings or museums before the real thing is constructed. They’re not just mucking around with toys there; it’s all important stuff!

If buildings make you buzz, from the homely house to the super-sized skyscraper, you might want to ask yourself whether you should apply for a role in architecture. After all, a career in this industry could be the foundation for your future.


Kitchen consultants
Junior designer
Junior Project manager




1. Language – I
2. English – I
3. Core 1: Introduction to Design & Design Study
4. Core 2: Principles of Design
5. Core Lab 1: Graphic & Visualization Lab
6. Allied Paper 1: Design History
7. Environmental Studies



1. Core 7:  Design Studio III
2. Core 8: Design Studio IV
3. Core Lab 4: Design Studio IV Lab
4. Allied Paper 4
5. Skill Based 2: Project & Dissertation
6. Advanced Tamil (or) Non Major Elective – II



1. Language – II
2. English – II
3. Core 3: Material & Sources
4. Core 4: Introduction to Sustainable Design & its Practical Application
5. Core Lab 2: Design & Construction Lab
6. Allied Paper 2: Design & Construction
7. Value Education – Human Rights



1. Core 9: Research Methodology
2. Core Lab 5: Negotiated Project Lab
3. Core 10: Reflective Visual Journal
4. Core Lab 6: Dissertation Lab
5. Elective I
6. Skill Based 3: Model Making



1. Core 5: Design Studio I
2. Core 6: Design Studio II
3. Core Lab 3: Design Studio I Lab
4. Applied Paper 3: IEA and Material Analysis
5. Skill Based 1: Design Studio II Lab
6. Advanced Tamil (or) Non Major Elective – I



1. Core 11: Professional Practice
2. Core Lab 7: Design & Portfolio Lab
3. Major Project
4. Elective II
5. Elective III
6. Skill Based 4: Internship
7. Extension Activities