Ethnic Day – 2019

Vogue Institute of Art and Design hosted Ethnic Day on 3rd October, 2019 which focused on celebrating different cultures, regions and languages, to showcase the tradition of every student of our college.The gathering was to celebrate the Indian way of life as a whole. It had all spiritual culmination as Ganpati Jayanti and Onam was celebrated too on this auspicious day.It was an endeavour to bring about a simple expression of unity in diversity that holds together the multitudes of outlooks, lifestyles and traditions to reflect the ethnicity of our country. The students made the day more colourful by wearing traditional attire. Various cultural programmes were organised and active participation was extended by the college teams. The response from the students was overwhelming .This was followed by traditional food which aimed at the significance of ethnicity and the richness of Indian Culture in multitudes. Onam Band added flavour to the whole environment, students danced to the beats creating lovely intermezzo. Program came to an end with Ganpati Visarjan. All in all , an overwhelming day with strings of ethnicity and elegance attached making the day memorable.

Guest Lecture – “Global Apparel Export 2025 : An overview” by Dr. Kannan Krishnamurthy held on 25th september 2019

Department of Textile organized a guest lecture on the topic of –“Global Apparel Export 2025 : An overview” on 25th September 2019 at 2:00 to 4:00 pm in college auditorium. Dr. Kannan Krishnamurthy (Director, Universal Group) was the respected speaker for the above topic. It was our privilege to have such a renowned personality with versatile calibre. He has worked with Sajawat Industries Ltd. and since 2005 is associated with Universal group as training facilitator. Not only has he made mark in his professional life but also in the field of self enlightening like reiki healing, hypnotism, yoga, pranayama, sudarshan kriya, meditation to name a few. With a massive experience of 30 years, he had lots to tell to our students.

After felicitation & introduction of Dr. Kannan Krishnamurthy sir in the presence of respected Vice principal Sir, we started the session. Mr. Krishnamurthy gave us amazing and astonishing facts about Indian exports, its potential and its future. There is so much that is yet to be explored in the world of garments/ fashion or textiles which we are unaware of. Such lectures definitely give us a great deal of knowledge.

The lecture was attended by all FAD / TD students and faculties

The Scinti-fiesta 2019

The Scinti-fiesta 2019 was a fun filled cultural festival celebrating the thrilling experience of an age old carnival organised by JYOTI NIVAS COLLEGE on 30th and 31st of August 2019.
This exhilarating festival aimed to bring together people from around the nation for two days for enthusiastic events and a number of other exciting bursts of spontaneous adventures.

Time to time, it’s important for us to send our students to such off campus competitions for them to check their stand in the world. This not only boosts their confidence but also gives them fair reality check and helps bring out attitude to work as a team and experience healthy competition. Our students took part in various contests like Air Crash, Solo Dance, Fashion Walk, JAM, Painting, Poetry etc.

Ranjith from IDD 3rd sem bagged 1st prize in Painting contest.Consolation prizes were awarded for Fashion Walk, Aircrash and Solo Dance.

Freshers Blash 2019

Continuing the proud tradition of the college, Senior students and newcomers of VOGUE INSTITUTE OF ART and DESIGN mingled with each other to organize and celebrate “FRESHER’S BLASH 2019″ – Fresher Party on 23rd August 2019 to welcome the batch of 2019. The purpose of the event was to make every new student feel connected as an integral part of Vogue family and be ready to take on the challenges of the year ahead. Jovial smiles and high spirits marked the welcome party for the new students. The theme of the party was Modern Retro making the set up at the venue look a perfect amalgamation of old and the new, trendy yet serene. It manifested youth and enthusiasm at its best.
” The magic in the air tuned into the chords of pulsating rhythmic hearts and created bonds for the years that lay ahead.”

Eduridge Workshop

A 3 hours rigorous workshop program held in campus auditorium on 21st August’ 2019 at Vogue Institute of Art & Design, Bangalore.
Eduridge, a company working closely on augmented reality (AR) conducted this program facilitating students of fashion design and interior design to work in close interface with technology. Mr. Saurabh, along with his team, lead the program and emphasized the significance of Virtual reality in current scenario and how it makes our lives easier and helps giving life to our thoughts.

Design fields largely count on thought procedure mingled with creativity and this creativity is brought to reality with the software using virtual reality(VR).Our core belief lies in propagating the concept of learning by doing and this workshop made us take one step further.

The workshop took place in college auditorium. Faculty members as well as students were introduced to various usages of the AR/VR applications supported with live demo. The workshop recorded a participation of more than 100 students, including all final year and 2nd/3rd year students. They were benefited largely from the same and feedback was overwhelming.

Radio Mirchi

RADIO MIRCHI conducted auditions for their annual event FRESH FACE in our campus on 3rd September 2019 which is a wonderful platform for all college going youth. Students showcased their talents performing the art of singing, dancing, lip-syncing, acting, body balancing etc. Our college was privileged to have the auditions and direct entry registrations and coupons from various brands pulling their morale high. Idea was to give an insight to students, what will the real contest be like. Impressing the organizers, our students bagged lots of coupons as prizes. Final Radio mirchi contest is to be held at Mantri Square Mall later this month.A little goading from emcee on the mike, and ……they all rocked it !!With a chance to become the face of Radio Mirchi for the girls and boys who win the contest, it seemed the students put in all their might into the competition.Anupama from IDD 5th sem has qualified for the final round from Vogue Institute of Art and Design. She mesmerized all with her elegant dance moves and beautiful expressions.Over all, this event brought in a lot of enthusiasm among our students.


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