Art and Design College Infrastructure Facilities

Vogue is the country’s finest Art & Design institute with many aspiring designers passing out every year, vogue does not compromise on its infrastructure and facilities. Vogueboasts of excellent state-of-art infrastructure which is upgraded each year with latest technologies to make every student aware of latest know-how while giving the best output.

Vogue is a Pioneer institute which is well known & Supported for initiating varied designing Programs. Highly Advanced world renowned software. Industry programs & projects , Interface design knowledge, Education in varied segments of industry, commerce & service sector makes it a name to Reckon with.

Vogue’s fashion program began with less than ten students, but now it proudly hosts over 500 hundred students in its premises enrolled in about seven different courses.

The high quality of education along with the rapid growth has sustained because it has provided an excellent infrastructure, intensive and well-structured courses and most importantly highly experienced and well qualified capable faculty from diverse backgrounds.


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vogue institute classroom
vogue fashion institute classroom
classroom at vogue institute


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art and design courses in India

Computer Labs : The Computer Labs at vogue has the latest systems which are upgraded with the latest software for every student to enjoy and learn the latest technology which will help guide there creative vision to an entirely different league.  Computer labs are equipped with Advanced software like Lectra, Coral Draw, Photoshop, Rhinoceros , CAD, CAD-JD etc..


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fashion designing courses
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The pattern-making lab consists of dress forms and efficient sewing machines for different purposes.


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Textile Designing lab is well equipped with modern equipment built with the purpose of testing the quality of various fabrics. Textile designing is about having a knack to create new designs & structures, thereby allowing creativity to flow through not just your hands but also through eyes & surrounding structures that catch your attention.


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The Jewellery department consists of a gemology and diamond grading lab and a jewellery manufacturing lab. The gem-testing lab consists of the entire set of standard testing equipment and contains an excellent collection of gems and diamonds for study purposes. The manufacturing lab is primarily built with the purpose of teaching hand-made manufacturing and is well equipped for that purpose.


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Interior Designing courses are designed to inspire students, help them understand aspects of design including an understanding of space and structures. Vogue believes that the play of colors, textures and fabric is best suited for the creative minds & this requires a detailed understanding of requisite technical knowledge and skills.


vogue fashion institute amphitheatre
students performance at vogue institute amphitheatre
amphitheatre at vogue fashion institute

Amphitheater: The amphitheater’s natural open space makes it a perfect place for public gatherings, it also serves as a private retreat for students. They often claim a small section on one of the row steps which proves to be the perfect setting for a conversation or simple solitude. It is also used for special performances, festivals, classes, convocations, as well as a speaking ground for special events.


library at vogue fashion institute
art and design college library
library facilities at vogue institute of fashion

Knowledge Bank: With combined holdings of over 5000 volumes and an extensive collection of rare books and journals, vogue institute’s library aims to be ideal collaborative spaces for students. These classic reading rooms offer a heady mix of quiet study places and collaborative work spaces for students. The Library also has a range of facilities including modern photocopiers and printers for students to use, that blends the best features of a traditional library with the latest technology, to create a 21stcentury environment for Vogue’s students & staff.


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art and design students playing carrom
sports facilities at vogue institute

Sports & Recreation Room: The Vogue Sports & recreation room provides a variety of programs and services to help students achieve health and fitness goals. They can choose from a variety of programs and events that increase awareness, teach fundamental skills and / or get them excited about fitness and wellness. All programs are designed to maximize participation and accommodate a wide range of interests and abilities.


institute of fashion technology canteen
art and design college canteen
vogue institute canteen

Canteen & Hostel Facility:The Canteen & Hostel facility cater to the basic needs of students and staff for fast, low priced and yet nutritious meals supervised by the management.


medical facilities at institute of fashion technology
medical facilities at vogue institute
medical facilities at art and design college

Facilities 24×7 Medical facility: The student & staff medical clinic is a facility provided for currently enrolled students & staff members of Vogue.


vogue institute of fashion gate
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vogue institute security check

Campus Security: The Campus has in place a number of procedures to respond to emergency situations should they arise. Rapid response is generally initiated when security services is contacted by staff, students or visitors.


psychological counseling at vogue institute
psychological counseling for students
psychological counseling for students at vogue institute

Student Counseling / Psychotherapy:Any student with psychology problems can get help through a counselor. The student counseling or psychotherapy service aims to provide support , guidance and encouragement to students during their time at the campus.


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transportation facilities at vogue institute of fashion
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