Decorate your Imagination with an Interior Designing Course in Bangalore at Vogue Institute – Bangalore, India

Vogue Institute of Art & Design offers you a unique opportunity to learn interior designing course in Bangalore from industry experts. Our Interior Designing Institute focuses on development of a critical mind while reinforcing individuals’ creative as well as analytical capabilities to help them to create better and all-inclusive interior environment.

The various interior designing courses offered by Vogue Institute ensure that the learners are trained in a systematic and coordinated methodology which is most often preceded by research, analysis and integration of knowledge into a comprehensive creative process. Being one of the best fashion designing colleges, we share close ties with fashion and interior designing industry. Those who want to pursue a career in interior Designing can take up these interior designing courses in Bangalore to learn design solutions which are functional, safe and attractive, and meet the requirements of the space user.

Best Interior Designing Courses in Bangalore

If you are a creative person and have a passion for interior design and decoration, the time has come to take the necessary step to turn your passion into your profession. We, at Vogue Institute of Art and Design offer some of the best interior designing courses in Bangalore which can give an edge to your career. At our interior designing college, you can learn everything you need to know to work in the field of interior design, decoration, home staging and creation of sets for shows and movies.

Eligibility Criteria

Students who have passed their 10+2 from any stream (Science/Commerce/Arts) can pursue Interior Design UG or Diploma course. To pursue a course at PG level, interior design graduates are preferred but aspirants from other streams can also apply.

Types of Interior Designing Courses

Table describing different types of Interior Designing Courses

S. No. Course Type Description
1 UG Courses This full-time UG course offers knowledge and unmatched skills in crafting functional interior designs. The course ensures that the students are groomed as a well-rounded interior design professionals by giving them profound understanding of everything, right from building materials and interior plan to space planning as per usability requirements, furnishing, lighting techniques, and creating digital 3D space models.
2 PG Courses Candidates with bachelor’s degree in interior designing or any equivalent bachelor’s degree are eligible for admission in PG courses of interior designing. The 2 years PG course helps in developing a holistic perspective of interior designing process along with gaining industry experience through interaction, projects and internship.
3 Diploma Courses Students can enrol in Diploma courses in interior designing at Vogue Institute. You can complete a diploma program in just a year. Moreover, short-term diploma courses are great for attaining practical, hands-on and industry focused knowledge of the subject and can significantly enhance one’s resume. 

Interior Designing Course Duration

S. No. Course Type Duration
1 UG Courses 3-4 years
2 PG Courses 2 years
3 Diploma Courses 1 year

UG Interior Designing Courses

S. No. UG Courses Description
1 Bachelor’s Degree in Interior Design & Decoration (IDD) This course teaches about the dynamics of interior environment. The objective of this programme is to broaden the perceptions of interior space and enable the students to create unique visual compositions using both two-dimensional and three-dimensional objects.

PG Interior Designing Courses

S.No. PG Courses Description
1 PGDM in Infrastructure Management/ Interior Design (IMD) The master’s in interior design program has been designed to enable students get a better understanding of various aspects of interior designing such as space and structures, and the way we interact with them. Students harness the technical skills gained in this PGDM course to transform visualised intent into creative spaces.

Diploma Interior Designing Courses

S.No. Diploma Courses Description
1 Graduate Diploma in Interior Design – (GDID) This diploma in interior designing provides students a window into the current design trends, contemporary architectural designs and contemporary structures. Creative interior design assignments and realistic projects are there to give practical exposure to the students along with providing theoretical knowledge to them.

Short-Term Courses

S.No. Diploma Courses Description
1 Weekend batches for Interior Designing Anyone with eye for aesthetics and a passion for beautiful spaces can join this weekend program for interior designing irrespective of their current stream of education. This part-time interior designing course has an industry-standard curriculum that includes the latest industry updates and trends, thus, helping students understand the needs of the fast developing industry.

Interior Designing Jobs after Course Completion

After completing the Interior Designing Course from Vogue Institute, students can opt for the following jobs:

Interior Designer: An interior designer plan interior spaces, installations, ventilation, water and drainage supply, air-conditioning systems etc. They make layout plans, elevations, perspectives and even build sample models.

Interior Decorator: Interior decorators give advice for the use of colours, textures, fabrics and interior decorative materials, light effects and furniture in creating an attractive yet functional interior.

Theatre and Set Designer: The set designers work on the conventional stage decor for film and TV sets. They work as per the director’s plan and aim to make the design fit into the desired scene.

The other job opportunities available to students after the interior designing course are:

  • Exhibition designer
  • Window display designer
  • Furniture designer
  • Visualizer
  • 3D Modeler
  • Residential/ Commercial draftsman
  • Restoration work designer
  • Colour & Merchandise consultant


Q. What are the eligibility criteria for joining interior designing courses?

A. For Bachelor’s degree, Graduate Diploma course and other specialized courses, the candidates should have successfully completed 12th grade in any recognized educational institution. For Master’s degree and PG Diploma course, the candidate should have completed undergraduate course from a recognised educational institution.

Q. Do you have online admission?

A. Yes, you can easily fill the admission form for the course online and pay the fees through cheque or D.D.

Q. Is there any entrance test for interior design programme?

A. No, unlike other interior and fashion designing colleges, there is no entrance test for admission in Vogue Institute. Eligible candidates can directly walk into our main office and fill the application form or simply follow the convenient online enrolment procedure.

Q. What documents should I submit during the admission procedure?

A. Documents required for PG Courses are- Graduation Marks cards, 10+2/PUC/equivalent, Transfer Certificate & Migration Certificate.

Documents required for UG or Diploma Courses- Original marks card of 10th/10+2, age proof, Original transfer certificates, Original migration certificate.

Q. What are the specialisations offered in interior design course?

A. The various specialisations offered in interior design course are:

  • Residential designing
  • Commercial designing
  • Landscape designing
  • Institutional designing

Q. What are the regular tasks of an interior designer?

A. The regular tasks of an interior designer include:

  • Proper selection of furniture, furnishings, equipment, etc. and preparation of layout drawings and detailed product descriptions.
  • Selection of suitable colours and materials to portray the desired concept and to meet functional, environmental and safety requirements.
  • Research and analysis of client’s needs and preferences, and development of drawings and documents outlining these needs.
  • Preparation of different construction documents such as plans, elevations, material details and specifications to illustrate layouts.

Q. I am a working professional but am interested in studying interior designing. Do you have any weekend programmes?

A. Yes, Vogue Institute of Art and Design offers many short-term interior designing courses in Bangalore for working professionals. If you have an eye for good aesthetics and a passion for beautiful spaces, you can join this program irrespective of your stream of education.

Q. What are my job prospects after I complete the interior designing course?A. After completing Interior Designing course from VIAD, you can find employment with architectural firms, builders, hotel and resort chains, hospitals, public works department, town planning bureau, regional and metropolitan development works, private consultancies, studios and theatres, etc. You can also set up their own business. 

Q. What companies come to VIAD for campus placement?

A. Having tie-up with reputed interior designers and architectural firms, Vogue Institute has a good campus placement record. Many well-established companies like Inscription Interiors, Iraa Architects, Nebulous Design, Muse Architects, Retail Design and V-Architects visit for campus hiring every year.

Q. What other courses do you offer?

A. Apart from interior designing, we also offer fashion designing courses in Bangalore. Our college also offers Product Designing Courses, Jewellery Designing Courses, Multimedia and Animation Courses, Textile Designing Courses and more.

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