Bachelor’s Degree in Visual Arts (Product Design) – BVA (PD)


Course Duration : 4 years.

Eligibility : 10 + 2 / PUC / Equivalent.

Affiliated to Bangalore North University

Enhance your Research and Design Skills with a Product Design Bachelor Degree at Vogue

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology offers bachelor of product design program that is designed for those who want to build their career in this upcoming field. Product design careers cover an extremely broad spectrum of industries. Consequently, the emphasis on technical or aesthetic design expertise can vary from role to role. More technical projects will demand a greater understanding of engineering, where function may dictate form. More artistic projects are likely to focus on form and usability. Product design requires a great deal of understanding of both materials and manufacturing techniques. A product designer will be expected to stay aware of new developments in these fields, as this will aid them in their daily work and drive innovation in their company.

A product designer will typically work as part of a team, often comprising of junior, middleweight and senior designers. These guys all report to a design manager or creative lead. Most product designers rise up through these ranks of increasing responsibility, as they prove themselves to be not only a talented designer and innovative thinker, but also a great team player and communicator.


Design Consultant, Design Educationalist, Product Designer, Environmental / Spatial Designer, Industrial Designer, Furniture Designer, Lighting Designer, Model Mask for Commercial Studios, Toy Designer.




1.  Launguage

2.  Core Theory

3.  Core Studio Course

3.  Constitution of India and Human Rights

4.  Workshop / Project / Journal writing



1.  Language

2.  Design research methodology

3.  Product Design Studio

4.  Materials and Manufacturing Processes

5.  Core Elective

6.  Digital: CAD 2

7.  CC & EC – Workshop



1.  Art and Design Criticism and Writing

2.  Modern Design theory

3.  Design Ethnography

4.  Product Design Studio 5

5.  Pre-final Project

6.  Core Elective

7.  Internship / In house Project



1.  Language

2.  Core Theory

3.  Core Studio Course

4.  Environment and Public Health

5.  Workshop / Project / Journal writing



1.  Art Appreciation

2.  Theory of Design

3.  Product Design Studio 3

4.  Human Factors, Ergonomics and Interface

5.  Core Elective

6.  Digital composition.

7.  Digital Methods: Advance Auto CAD 3

8.  Project work



1.  New media Art, Design and Technology

2.  Graduation Project

3.  Minor Project

4.  Portfolio Development Final display and presentation of the Project



1.  Language

2.  Product Design

3.  Models, Mockups and Prototypes

4.  Technical Drawing

5.  Digital: CAD 1

6.  Computer Applications and Information Technology

7.  CC & EC – Workshop writing

8.  Simple Project



1.  History of Industrial Design

2.  Design Studio Management

3.  Product Design Studio 4

4.  Portfolio, Publication and Dynamic Media

5.  Core Elective

6.  Digital Methods: Advance Auto CAD 4

7.  Project Work