Advance Diploma in VFX-PRO – 2 Years

Advance Diploma in VFX PRO Vogue Institute of Art and Design

Students with an artistic or creative background are best suited for the Advanced VFX (Virtual Production) curriculum. It is also advantageous to have a foundation in technical and/or software abilities. These aesthetic, inventive, and technical abilities form the basis for the demanding jobs in the games and VFX sectors.


Students are taught a wide variety of tools, methods, and workflows that are common in the industry for both traditional VFX and VFX for Virtual Production. Students will compile a demo reel of their VFX shots as a portfolio. Demo reel shots might be the exclusive work of a single student or the culmination of a collaborative project(s).

Program Learning Outcomes

With the help of this advanced programme, you can confidently take on responsibilities in the rapidly expanding video game and film sectors. You’ll study the development of special effects methods and use what you’ve learned to make a whole short animated movie from start to finish. This entails overseeing the creation of 3D characters, their design, and construction, as well as fully integrating visual effects shots from conception to post-production. Along the route, you’ll create a polished demo reel and/or portfolio that follows the most recent business trends. As you become ready to work in visual effects and motion graphics jobs for feature films, video games, and other media, you can build your professional network outside of the classroom through a number of industry events

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

Graduates will be prepared for many positions in the film and animation industry including:

  • Effects Animator
  • Concept Artist
  • Modeler
  • Texture Artist
  • Technical Director in:

    • Compositing
    • Lighting and Rendering
    • Dynamics
    • Rigging
    • FX
  • VFX Producer or Supervisor
  • CG Producer or Supervisor

Program Structure


Basics of Photography
Basics of Film Making
3ds Max
Real Flow
Adobe Audition
After Effects

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