Delegates from  FOM University of Applied Science

It was a pleasure for Vogue Family to welcome German Delegates from  FOM University of Applied Science, one of the finest colleges in Germany in its campus on 14th December 2019. Delegates were warmly welcomed by honorable chairman sir and Principal sir. Believing firmly in this age of globalization, representatives from both the colleges foresee this conference as an opportunity to get benefited mutually,  observing different pedagogy in academics and get a sense of being global citizens getting the best of both the worlds. The delegates were completely awestruck while touring through the campus and beholding the artistic works of fashion design and interior design students.  Delegates were felicitated with vogue mementos and this extremely enriching experience ended up with playing of national anthems of both the countries marking respect to both.

Fashion design Diploma Students visit to Central Silk Board on 13th Nov,2019

Silk – one of the finest of all natural fibres …the pride that one feels flaunting a beautiful Mysore SIlk saree or a Banarasi Brocade…..but do we know all the intricate processes that go behind the creation of this fabric?

The Fashion design Diploma Students got an opportunity to visit The Central Silk Board, Bangalore on 13th Nov 2019, as part of their hands on Industry learning. Under the able guidance of Sericulture Scientist Mr. Itagi, the students were taken on a journey of silk beginning from the eggs, cocoons, unreeling filaments, twisting of silk filaments to the final creation of the silk fabric.

It was a wonderful learning experience for the students and Mr. Itagi stressed on how our future designers should make full use of the resources available locally and use creativity and modern technology to fulfill their dream of becoming a successful designer.


Students of Textile design stream (2nd yr and 3rd yr) visited WEAVER’s service centre, Bangalore for their practical work.Weaver’s service centre in bangalore started in the year 1963 to cater to the technological requirements of the handloom industry in Karnataka state.The vision of the weaver’s service centre is to promote and facilitate the continuous growth of the handloom industry to compete in the global market.

In requirement of advance machineries which are available only in weavers service centre, students are taken to carry their practical work for three weeks.
They learnt techniques of weaving through treadle looms, calculations on weaving, winding,and also fabric length.

Students were certified from the centre on successful completion of short term program in weaving. It was a wonderful practical exposure for students in research laboratory where students did the complete fabric process from warping to fabric formation including loom setting by themselves. Apart from weaving , they also did dying and printing in research lab.

Kannada Rajyotsava Celebrations- 5th Nov,2019

Kannada Rajyotsava was celebrated with full fun and frolic on 5th of November 2019 in college campus to mark the importance of Karnataka’s origin. Program began with brief pooja and Karnataka flag hoisting by honorable principal sir. This was followed by a small program in auditorium. After Lighting of the lamp, Dr. Bhagya began the ceremony by singing a melodious state song. She also told the importance and history of the day, making it relatable to all the students hailing from various parts of the country. Principal Sir, too, graced the occasion with his kind words.

Enhancing the significance of the day, a stem cell donation camp for registration was organised in campus in association with DKMS – BMST who are working towards fighting blood cancer. Students and Faculties together took enthusiastic part in the campaign and tried giving their bit in this noble cause.

Cultural Fest-25th Oct’2019

The Annual Cultural Festival of Vogue Institute of Art and Design held on the 25th October 2019. Known to attract the best student talent from across the college, the fest was all set to take things to a greater level this year. Dedicated to the celebration of creativity, program began with special segment this year of movie screening by Animation department students. Around 9 short movies were screened that day in the kind presence of Mr. Anand and Mr. Bharath, Assistant Directors for upcoming kannada movie DIYA. Special screening for Diya was also done in the college. It was indeed very motivating for students to be the part of this screening.

Movie screening was followed by Food fest where in students had put up various stalls of food items which was for students and faculties on pay and eat basis. The activity was full of fun and was enjoyed by one and all. The Food Fest had definitely upped the fun quotient of the fest.

With amazing performances in the field of dramatics, dance, film and photography and music with a quirky twist, the fest promised and proved to be an unforgettable event.

Vogue students topped the list at Digital Merchandising Contest with Charmboard- October 2019

Charmboard is an AI driven visual discovery platform that enables discovery of products from within a video through a simple touch.Over the duration of the challenge, students built a strong portfolio of mood boards .They simply tapped on things within a video of their interest e.g latest Bollywood Songs, Movie, TV series or Web Series. Because of the computer vision and artificial intelligence provided by Charmboard, making online videos were easy which responded to touch by extracting and augmenting deep information about key moments within a video. An esteemed panel of judges comprising leaders from the industry reviewed the entries and decided the final five winners.

Student Details:

Guest lecture -Concept of sustainability in contemporary Interior Design by Dr.Amrutha on 23rd Sept’2019

Dr.Amrutha is an architect by profession , educationalist and an enthusiast working as principal in an Architecture school at Coimbatore, TN.

  • The presentation aided understanding sustainable material, practices and maintenance in buildings.
  • Role of a designer in the advent of sustainable interior design.
  • Design development and visualization with respect to nature and natural elements as a keystone element.
  • The coordination and awareness aspect of sustainable and eco-friendly practices without deviating from client’s requirement, from scratch to finish.

To conclude it was a food for thought interaction for the students of all semesters. This event also helped the students to get in touch with the development in sustainable aspect of construction and its maintenance, hence break the ice about the myths in the interior design practice.

Onam Celebration

The students and staff of Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology celebrated Onam, the harvest festival of Kerala with much joy and enthusiasm. A Pookalam ( flower rangoli) competition was organized for the students. The air was thick with the fragrance of flower petals and their creativity and eagerness reached a whole new level. All staff and students came dressed for the occasion in traditional attire, the Mundum Veshti and for a moment we felt like we were in God’s Own Country.

Industrial visit to Fabric Spa by FAD and TD students

To give our fashion designing and textile designing students a better insight of the laundry, we visited FABRIC SPA, KIADB PARK, Bangalore in September.

In market with a strong tagline of “Convenience without Compromise”, they are the masters in their field. Convenience is king and they expect nothing short of royal treatment. Life is customized for your comfort, information and entertainment available at the touch of a button, no limits on how far you can travel, even cooking and food has been simplified beyond what we once knew them to be!

The same goes for your laundry. Be it detergent, stain remover, bleach, fabric softener.. they’re all composed of a range of chemicals that are invading your system without your knowledge.Common chemicals in laundry products can do untold damage to your lifestyle and health. Their adverse effects are known to be hormone disrupting, carcinogenic, cause for respiratory problems, and promotion of drug-resistant bacteria strains, developmental toxicity and even reproductive challenges. In essence, what we are trying to say is, when you choose contemporary living or convenience, you shouldn’t have to compromise. We believe in quality and consciousness at every step.

Students had very enriching experience knowing the uncommon facts about laundry and how important this neglected area is.

Students learnt few ways in which Fabricspa ensures clothes are being laundered in a manner that is environmental friendly:

  • How to save water and practice rainwater harvesting at plant.
  • Use of majority of organic chemicals and detergents to treat clothes.
  • Entire plant runs on RO water.
  • Every stage of the wash cycle uses safely recycled water.
  • For ironing, only a steam pressis used which comes from boiler plant, a product through recycling.

Industrial visit to AMTEK Industries, KIADB park by FAD, TD and PGDM students

Industrial Visit for FAD, TD and PGDM students to AMTEK INDUSTRIES, KIADB park held in September to enhance student’s knowledge specifically in the field of embroidery which holds quite a lot of importance in the field of design ….be it fashion garments or textiles. By means of reconstruction design, the fashion/textile designer can change the appearance of silk, and form the visual impact. Among the techniques of reconstruction design of fabric,embroidery as a traditional skill of clothing decoration is the important means to give outstanding style and individual character of silk dress.
AMTEK has been into this business for years now and has marked its metal. They are into 100% exports. Students went round the plant and saw all kinds of machines, fabric store, finishing area and packaging too.

Our team of students is also working on a project for AMTEK , where they have to design and present their ideas over different products which are innovative and unique.

It was very practically enriching experience for students.

Faculty Development Programme- 4th Oct’2019

Faculty development programs (FDPs) held in campus on 4th October 2019 conducted by Dr. H.S Ganesha Bhatta (Associate Professor, Former Principal – M.E.S Teachers college C.T.E Bangalore have proven to be successful for improving teaching skills in higher education. He discussed how to establish teaching methods explaining its ideal structure, features that make teaching effective, and outlined the barriers to its successful implementation as well as the future vision. This program highlighted on the calibre and capacities of a teacher and also how it can be improved. Finally, the program concluded with promising outcomes in the learning and teaching practices and recommended that teachers in higher education should attend FDP training activities on regular basis and that the scope of planned FDPs should include social skills necessary for collaboration, professional growth as well as management, and leadership abilities.

We are pleased and excited to inform you all that Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology is now officially in…

Vogue Institute of Art and Design ಅವರಿಂದ ಈ ದಿನದಂದು ಪೋಸ್ಟ್ ಮಾಡಲಾಗಿದೆ ಮಂಗಳವಾರ, ಮೇ 16, 2017


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