The Scinti-Fiesta

The Scinti-fiesta was a fun filled cultural festival celebrating the thrilling experience of an age-old carnival organised by JYOTI NIVAS COLLEGE. This exhilarating festival aimed to bring together people from around the nation for two days for enthusiastic events and a number of other exciting bursts of spontaneous adventures.

Time to time, it’s important for us to send our students to such off-campus competitions for them to check their stand in the world. This not only boosts their confidence but also gives them fair reality check and helps bring out attitude to work as a team and experience healthy competition. Our students took part in various contests like Air Crash, Solo Dance, Fashion Walk, JAM, Painting, Poetry etc. Ranjith from IDD 3rd Sem bagged 1st prize in Painting contest. Consolation prizes were awarded for Fashion Walk, Air crash and Solo Dance.

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Euphoria is an inter house creative cultural contest at vogue institute of art and design where the students from all the different design departments of