Bachelor of Design in Interior Design – B. Des. (ID) – 4 Years

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The four-year bachelor’s programme in interior design is the ideal starting point for aspirant students with a knack for designing, organising, and constructing meaningful places that meet the needs of various users.


Interior design plays a crucial role in shaping and building our environment. It helps us perceive our spaces better, and makes them look functionally and aesthetically pleasing. The need for skilled interior designers is on the rise and thus, pursuing a career in interior design is a lucrative option. B.Des in Interior Design is a four-year undergraduate programme that is open to anyone who has completed their 10+2 from a reputed board. Besides imparting classroom knowledge to our students, we focus on preparing them for the real world. The programme is a balance of creativity and technical skills needed to thrive in the world of interior design. 

Program Learning Outcomes

Designing is a very vast field. We at Vogue have designed the curriculum for the Bachelor of Design in Interior Design course keeping in mind an array of aspects. We teach students how to conceptualise and articulate design ideas, train them in using state-of-art design tools and software, and help them understand traditional/historic design trends that they can imply in modern spaces. Unlike other interior design courses, we focus not just on the creativity aspect but the technical aspect as well. Students will learn how to convert plain, boring spaces into lively spaces. Beyond design and decoration, we also focus on practicality and sustainability to meet the specific needs of every project. Beyond the classroom, every student will be given a chance to undertake an internship so that they get hands-on experience. Periodically, they will also be a part of workshops and networking events conducted by industry stalwarts

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

On completing the B.Des in Interior Design course in Bangalore, students can foray into various fields that focus on experiential learning and community engagement. They can work at any residential or commercial design firm, architecture firm, retail design, hospitality design or sustainable design consultancy. A few reputed job profiles include interior designer, product designer, interior decorator, consultant, sustainable interior designer, teacher, design journalist, visual merchandiser, and so on. 

Interior Design Program Structure

Visual Representational Techniques
Allied-Discipline Elective – I
Design Foundation
Environmental Science
Communication Skills
Culture Education-I
Architectural Planning Studio
Allied-Discipline Elective-II
Design Concepts & Contexts
Digital Modeling-I
Materials & Construction-I

Professional Skills

Culture Education-II

Furniture Design & Model Making-I
Allied-Discipline Elective-III
History of Interior Design
Digital Modeling -II
Interior Design Studio – I

Materials & Construction-II

  Life Skills-I (Personality Development)

Value education-I 

 Open Elective-III

Furniture design & model making-II
Allied-Discipline Elective-IV
Lighting & Color in Interiors
Digital Modeling -III
Interior Design Studio – II
W.d. & Estimation

Interior Services-I

Life Skills -II (Aptitude)

Value Education-II

Exhibition & Retail Design
Allied-Discipline Elective-V
Eco-Friendly Material in Interior
Digital Modeling –IV

Interior Design Studio – III

Interior Landscape Design 

Visual Merchandising For Interiors

Summer Internship

Fabric and furnishing for Interiors
Allied-Discipline Elective-VI

Interior Design Codes

Digital Modeling –V

Interior Design Studio-IV

Interior Design for Special Needs

Portfolio Development

Educational Trip


Interiors for the Future
Allied-Discipline Elective-VII

Heritage Interiors

Professional Practice &

Live Design Project

Final Portfolio (Guided-Project)

Project Management &
Allied-Discipline Elective-VIII

Industry Apprenticeship (off-Campus Training)

Research Project & Dissertation

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