Bachelors Degree in Interior Design & Decoration – B.Sc (IDD) – 3 Years

Bachelors Degree in Interior Design Decoration – B Sc IDD Vogue Institute of Art and Design

The three-year bachelor’s programme in interior design is the ideal starting point for aspirant students with a knack for designing, organising, and constructing meaningful places that meet the needs of various users.


The world of interior design is a fascinating and exciting career choice today. It gives you a chance to enhance your imagination, creativity and innovation. To help students excel in the art of reimagining spaces, we’re happy to present the best BSc in interior designing courses. The three-year degree, full-time programme in interior design will enable students to understand the nitty-gritties of spatial design along with the critical skills that will help them reimagine public and private interior spaces. Through our bachelor’s programme, you will learn how to use the art and science of interior design to create spaces for individuals that reflect their personal taste and behaviour. The end product will be a cohesive functional space that is aesthetically pleasing.

Our decoration design course is affiliated to Bangalore North University. The programme is ideal for students who have a knack for designing, organising and constructing meaningful spaces. The BSc in Interior Design course will also give students an in-depth knowledge of sustainability, building codes, accessibility, lighting, texture, furniture, colour and ergonomics. Being one of the top BSc in interior designing colleges in Bangalore, we make our students industry-ready by making them work closely with interior extensions and restorations throughout the duration of the course.

Program Learning Outcomes

The course curriculum of the BSc in Interior Design programme introduces students to design principles, concept development, emerging design practices and innovative technologies. Throughout the six semesters of the programme, students will learn in-depth about construction and detailing, interior space planning, project management, landscaping and computer aided design.

Though creativity and innovation are at the helm of our interior design course, our experienced faculty teaches students to offer stakeholders design solutions that address political, economic, sociological, psychological and technological needs of the end user. Most importantly, we strive to teach our students to prioritise ethics in all aspects of interior design. Beyond classroom and theoretical knowledge, we believe in giving our students exposure to the real world. We make this possible by giving them hands-on experience, a chance to work with real-world simulations and the opportunity to pursue internships with some of the top interior and architecture firms. Students will also be given a chance to showcase their creativity through live projects. Graduates who come out of the decoration design course programme experience a personal transformation alongside the ability to fluently integrate ideas that create an architectural masterpiece. Throughout the duration of the programme, students will get a chance to work closely with creative practitioners and industry stalwarts.

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

On completing the Bachelor’s in Interior Designing course, students can explore a gamut of career possibilities. From working with top interior design and architecture firms to working in corporations and government entities, the opportunities are endless. Based on your area of expertise, you may specialise in residential, healthcare, corporate, retail or hospitality design. Other career specialities include new product innovation, sustainability and interior design technology. Besides being a highly creative field, interior design also requires an individual to have sound technical and organisational understanding. If you’re someone who wants to establish a career in the technical aspects of interior design, you can look at becoming a lighting design consultant, facilities manager, product manager, and kitchen and bath consultant.

Interior Design Program Structure

Language – English
Construction Materials – I
Interior Design – I
Geometrical Drawing – I
Art & Graphics
Indian Construction and Ethics
Communicative English
Construction Material – II
Interior Design – II
Geometrical Drawing – II
Workshop & Model Making
Environmental Studies
Construction & Detailing
History of Interior Designing
Computer Aided Design – I
Interior Services – I
Interior Design – III
Interior Space Planning
Plumbing and Sanitation
Specification / Estimation and Costing
Computer Aided Design – II
Interior Designing – IV
Interior Services – II
Furniture Designing
Professional Practice
Project Management
Interior Designing – V
Interior Landscaping
Elective Project
Project Work
Industrial Apprenticeship

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