Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts – BVA (Animation & Game Art) – 4 Years

Bachelors Degree in Visual Arts – BVA AM Vogue Institute of Art and Design

Exploration, invention, and advancement of animated screen output are all part of the Bachelor of Visual Arts course. It combines research, concept creation, screenplay, story boarding, character design, and expressiveness through intense studio-based training.


Bachelor of Visual Arts is a four-year undergraduate degree programme with a focus on animation and game art. The programme is affiliated to Bangalore North University. The programme will give students insights on modelling, lighting, scene staging, filmmaking, figure drawing, simulation, art direction and production management. As an animation institute in Bangalore, we are equipped with state-of-art technology and faculty so that our students can learn from the best, create game art and incorporate it into real-time scenarios using computer hardware and software. Besides learning the technical aspects of visual art and design, students will also be given a chance to work on live projects and dissertations.

Program Learning Outcomes

The undergraduate degree in visual arts spans eight semesters. Through intense-studio based training, students can expect to learn something new every year. Both theoretical and practical knowledge will be imparted. Students will be encouraged to build their own conceptual framework which can be used to develop their own creative voice and animation style. Besides this, advanced knowledge on the various stages of production including development, and pre and post production will be given. Some of the subjects included in the module are visual thinking, 2D and 3D design practice, digital art, classical animation, lighting and camera techniques, and animation studio management among others.

In the final year, learners will be given a chance to partner with related disciplines to execute an interdisciplinary project with animation.

As an animation and multimedia college, we understand the importance of live projects. Thus, every year a student will have to work on a project (short-film) that is completely written, sound-designed, animated, edited and directed by them. Mandatory internship in the final semester is also a must.

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

Students who successfully complete the visual arts degree programme can become visual artists, animators, art directors, modellers, level builders and designers, prop artists, illustrators and cartoonists. If you’re someone who has an innate knack for creativity and can transform your imagination into art, you will find a sea of opportunities awaiting you at auction houses, art studios, production houses, photography studios and design schools.

Program Structure

Language – I
Language – II
Story of Art – 1
Visual Thinking
Fundamentals of Design 2D & 3D
Fundamentals of Drawing – 1
2D & 3D Design Practice
Inter Design studies – 1
Constitution of India and Human Rights
Workshop / Project / Journal writing
Language – I
Language – II
Story of Art – 2
Introduction to Visual cultures
Colour theory
Fundamentals of Drawing II
Colour Composition
Inter Design studies II
Environment and Public Health
Workshop / Project / Journal writing
Film Appreciation & Analysis Part I
Classical Animation and Digital Art I
Computer Applications and Information Technology
Core Elective
CC & EC – Workshop
Language – I
Language – II
Camera & Film Editing
Digital Art II
Classical Animation II
3D Animation II
Acting for Animation
Theory of Design
3D Lab I
Preproduction I
Postproduction I
Art Appreciation
3D Lab II
Preproduction II, Postproduction II
Lighting & Camera
3D Animation and Rigging II
SDC Core Elective
Animation Studio Design & Management
Major Elective II: Modeling & Texturing /Animation / VFX
Animation Research Project Part I / Project Report Show reel
Project Part II

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