Certificate Course in Computer Aided Fashion Designing – 4 Months

Certificate Course in Computer Aided Fashion Designing – CCFD CAD Vogue Institute of Art and Design

The CAD for Fashion Design — Art Certificate programme was created in response to the fashion industry’s requirement for skilled individuals with superior computer abilities.


In today’s day and age, the fashion industry is constantly evolving. There is an increased demand for individuals with superior computer abilities. In order to meet this demand, we at Vogue started the computer-aided fashion design course. The duration of the programme is only four months and encompasses one semester. Despite the short duration, we ensure advanced fashion design computer skills are imparted to students. Through the programme, students will learn the creation and production of a wide range of fashion design presentation items. This includes the creation of concept and mood boards, textile colour development, digital trends, designer portfolio and digital spec sheets.  

Program Learning Outcomes

The computer-aided fashion design programme is ideal for fashion designers, production managers and apparel merchandisers who are looking to enhance their CAD skills. To succeed, basic fashion drawing skills is an added advantage. The curriculum teaches students how to adhere to industry standards in computer-based pattern making, creating accurate garment patterns using computer technology and transferring manual pattern drafting to computer-based pattern manipulation. The subjects covered in the course are the basics of computers and software including CorelDraw, Photoshop and Lectra. For anyone looking to excel in the world of personalised fashion, learning CAD is of utmost importance.

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

Upon completion of the certificate course in computer-aided fashion design, students will develop a unique approach towards design problem solving. You will be able to design, execute and implement an action plan for any kind of fashion challenge. As a fashion designer, knowing CAD in-depth is extremely important. You can use computer software to create sketches for fashion shows, prototypes for clients or designs for large fashion houses. The popular job profiles for a CAD professional include fashion illustrator, product developer, CAD operator, freelance design consultant and garment technician. As a computer-aided fashion designer, you get a chance to work with textile manufacturers, merchandisers, apparel companies, large fashion brands and retail companies.

Program Structure

Basics of Computers

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