Certificate Course in Diamond Grading & Identification – 4 Months

Certificate Course in Diamond Grading Identification CCDGI Vogue Institute of Art and Design

For those new to diamonds, retail jewellery professionals, designer-makers, and ardent diamond enthusiasts, the Diamond Grading & Identification course is available as a single short course.


Diamonds are valued according to their four Cs: colour, clarity, cut, and carat. You will learn how to grade diamonds in accordance with these standards in this diamond grading course. We provide you with the opportunity to learn in-depth information about critical diamond grading factors including carat weight from our certified educators. The professional set-up gemstone lab offers the infrastructure needed to weigh gemstones, examine diamond quality under a microscope, identify defects and inclusions under a loupe, and learn about plotting symbols.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • The influence of color, clarity, cut and carat on diamond value
  • Determining proportions and estimating weight
  • Diamond treatments, simulants, and laboratory-grown diamonds
  • Fluorescence and its effect on body color
  • The role cut plays in the marketplace, including fancy cuts
  • The technical knowledge needed to make effective buying and selling decisions

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

The diamond industry requires experts skilled in identifying and grading this precious stone. Here are a few potential career paths you could consider: Diamond sorter, appraiser, trader, and grader, among other titles.

Program Structure

Introduction, uniqueness of diamond among gems
Theory of journey of diamond from the mines to cutter
Theory of cutting & polishing process
Study of round brilliant cut
Basics of polished diamond grading
Grading using international standards
History of cuts
4Cs grading for color, clarity, cut and carat
Identification of diamond & diamond stimulants

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