Certificate Course in Gemology – 4 Months

Certificate Course in Gemology CCG Vogue Institute of Art and Design

You learn how to categorise and analyse a wide range of gem materials, both naturally occurring and man-made, in the Gemmology curriculum. The program’s main goal is to identify distinct jewels by examining the chemical and physical properties of gems and gem-like materials.


We teach students the fundamentals of gemstone identification as well as the ideas of grading and evaluating cut gems, modern treatments, and computer-assisted jewellery production as the leading gemmology school. According to their desirable qualities, the gem materials are divided into categories, and this classification ultimately determines the value of the stones.
On actual gem materials, you utilise a variety of specially made tools, including microscopes, spectroscopes, refractometers, and polariscopes, to carry out the identification and classification.
Students receive in-depth, practical instruction that broadens their knowledge and expertise and aids in their career advancement.

Program Learning Outcomes

  • Identify a large number of gemstones and gem materials and distinguish them from synthetics and imitations.
  • Use, maintain and handle gemological instruments and testing equipment competently and safely.
  • Grade gemstones for quality based on their cut, colour and other physical characteristics, chemical composition and possible place of origin.
  • Grade diamonds based on their cut, clarity, colour and carat weight.
  • Apply the basic skills of jewellery appraisal to assess market value.
  • Contextualize jewellery according to historical and stylistic qualities to assess provenance, materials and method of production.
  • Conduct ethical and secure business practices consistent with jewellery business standards.

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

Graduates of this course can find work in the manufacturing, wholesale, and retail sectors of the jewellery industry. Some graduates go on to become jewellery appraisers with further education and work experience in the jewellery sector.

Program Structure

Introduction, uniqueness of diamond among gems
Theory of journey of diamond from the mines to cutter
Theory of cutting & polishing process
Study of round brilliant cut
Basics of polished diamond grading
Grading using international standards
History of cuts
4Cs grading for color, clarity, cut and carat
Identification of diamond & diamond stimulants

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