Graduate Diploma in 3D Animation – 1 Year

Graduate Diploma in D Animation Year Vogue Institute of Art and Design

You will learn a broad knowledge base and a set of well-rounded skills in Vogue’s advanced diploma programme in Animation 3D, including strong capabilities in art, animation, modelling, and visualisation.


Being one of the best animation colleges in Bangalore, we offer an advanced diploma in 3D animation. Through the programme, you will develop strong capabilities in art, animation and visualisation. We teach students how to bring an idea or design to life through various three-dimensional techniques and digital art technologies. If you have any imaginative idea, you will be able to convert it into a visually-stunning masterpiece. You will also learn the advanced mechanics of VFX. Unlike other animation institutes, we focus on combining theoretical knowledge and practical experience. We train you on complex projects so that when you graduate, you’re fully industry-ready.

Program Learning Outcomes

The graduate diploma in 3D animation is a one-year programme that is open to anyone who has completed their 10+2. The course curriculum includes subjects such as drawing, Photoshop, MAYA modelling, V-Ray, animation and premiere. The programme gives you insights on the most useful digital and analogue art techniques. It deep-dives into art and design theories so that your ability to sketch, visualise and make use of the right colour scheme increases. Through the programme, our faculty places a lot of emphasis on teamwork as students will be required to work with their peers from other programmes such as visual art and VFX. This is done to replicate a studio/production atmosphere. Besides this, students will also be asked to create engaging storylines using surfaces and moving objects in 3D art and animation.

Career Opportunities & Job Roles

The 3D animation diploma programme opens a sea of opportunities to our students. If you’re someone who has the skill to tell compelling stories and create engaging digital characters, you can become a texture artist, compositor, art director, comics illustrator, modelling artist, CG artist or product designer. Animators are in high demand in the entertainment, audio-video and gaming industry.

Program Structure

MAYA Modelling, Texturing & Lighting

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