Textile Designing Students Visit To Weaver’s Service Centre For Practical

Students of Textile design stream (2nd yr and 3rd yr) visited WEAVER’s service center, Bangalore for their practical work. Weaver’s service center in Bangalore started in the year 1963 to cater to the technological requirements of the handloom industry in Karnataka state. The vision of the weaver’s service center is to promote and facilitate the continued growth of the handloom industry to compete in the global market.

In the requirement of advanced machinery which is available only in the weaver’s service center, students are taken to carry their practical work for three weeks. They learned techniques of weaving through treadle looms, calculations on weaving, winding, and also fabric length.

Students were certified from the center on successful completion of short term programs in weaving. It was wonderful practical exposure for students in a research laboratory where students did the complete fabric process from warping to fabric formation including loom setting by themselves. Apart from weaving, they also did dying and printing in a research lab.

Visit to the historic city Vogue Institute of Art and Design

A visit to the historic city

 The interior design students of Vogue Institute of Art & Design visited the historic city- Mysore on 12th February 2020 and got a glimpse of

Khadi Mahotsav Vogue Institute of Art and Design

Visit to Khadi Mahotsav

Nearly 100 students from FAD and Textile Design at Vogue Institute of Art & Design visited Khadi Mahotsav at Freedom Park on 11th February 2020.