A visit to the historic city

 The interior design students of Vogue Institute of Art & Design visited the historic city- Mysore on 12th February 2020 and got a glimpse of the architecture in Mysore Palace, St. Philomena, Bonsai Garden, and Shell Museum. The students bestowed the knowledge of ancient architectural monuments and furniture and compared it to modern-day murals and contemporary landscape elements. This visit helped the students understand the advent and evolution of furniture designs of native Indian and Colonial era. They could perceive the basic building elements like arches, domes, vaults, and lintel.

Khadi Mahotsav Vogue Institute of Art and Design

Visit to Khadi Mahotsav

Nearly 100 students from FAD and Textile Design at Vogue Institute of Art & Design visited Khadi Mahotsav at Freedom Park on 11th February 2020.