“Admirer la Moda” – Vogue Mystique Designer Awards – 2024

Vogue Mystique Designer Awards – 2024” This grand event organised by Vogue Institute of Art and Design is a part of academics, where students develop and showcase their own fashion and jewellery collection based on an individual theme. The theme chosen for this academic year is “Admirer la Moda” which signifies the appreciation and admiration of fashion and its trends. The theme involves recognizing art and creativity in the realm of clothing and style, it represents creativity into each piece, embodying elegance, flair, and imagination. From avant-garde concepts to classic elegance, each piece tells a story and invites you to be part of a captivating narrative.

As our students display an extraordinary showcase of style and expression, the audience get ready to be captivated by the latest trends and timeless classics as our models grace the runway. Throughout the evening, you will experience a dynamic blend of colours, textures, and silhouettes that push the boundaries of what we know about fashion. Since fashion is more than what we wear; it reflects culture, innovation, and personal identity. This event brings together designers and fashion enthusiasts like yourselves to appreciate the artistry and craftsmanship behind every stitch. So, sit back, immerse yourselves in the ambience, and get ready to be inspired.

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