AI Mock-up Tools for Concept Design

AI Mock-up Tools for Concept Design

When you’re a graphic or visual designer, it’s easy to get lost in the creative process. Knowing what the final outcome of your design will be like is always a gamble. Luckily, we have the power of the internet by our side. And, not just that. Artificial intelligence (AI) has changed the game for a lot of industries. The process of designing has become a lot more seamless. Whether it’s an app, website or product package, you can use AI mock-up tools to create visual prototypes. 

What is an AI Mock-up Tool?

An AI mock-up tool is software that allows you to see the bigger picture even before your product goes live. The tool is particularly helpful when you have to design interfaces or create UX websites. Mock-ups usually have a variety of design elements including layouts, typography and images. You can even edit and customise it as per your preference. Graphic designers find AI mock-up tools a quick and efficient way to streamline the entire design process. Traditional design processes are obsolete and time-consuming. 

With AI mock-up generators, you can create a mock-up in minutes even if you have little to no design experience. Since they use the capabilities of artificial intelligence, these tools have become more accessible than ever. These tools also offer high levels of customisation. You can experiment with different design options and see the results in real time. To enhance user experience (UX) these days, you have to ensure that your website or app is responsive and adaptable. You can test how your digital design will be perceived on an AI mock-up tool. In simpler words, it’s a preview which gives you complete control of your design.

Tips to use an AI Mock-up Generator

  • Define your design goals

As a designer, it’s important to define your design goals. Know what you’re trying to achieve with your design. Discuss with your client regarding their target demographic and then create a design accordingly. 

  • Choose an AI mock-up generator

There are several AI mock-up tools available online today. Each has their own features. Choose a tool that aligns with your design. There are paid as well as free AI mock-up tools. For example, some tools are better suited for product design whereas some are better for web design.

  • Generate your mock-up

Once you’ve chosen a tool, the next step would be to go ahead and generate your AI mock-up. The software is easy to use and the process is pretty seamless as there are tabs to guide you throughout. You can change the colour, typography, layout or anything else you wish to make the design look better. The AI will automatically reflect these changes.

  • Test your design

Next, you can test your design for adaptability. AI can also help you with user interactions and identifying potential design issues. You can make changes in real-time, iterate your design and see results immediately. 

3 Best AI Mock-up Tools to Preview your Designs & Share Ideas

  • Figma

Figma is a collaborative interface design tool. It’s an all-in-one platform offering features including prototyping, design systems and development. It’s ideal for real-time collaboration and eliminates the need to have multiple versions of design files. Visual communication designers love it as it streamlines their work and helps them work together more efficiently. 

  • Visily 

Visily is another AI-powered mock-up tool that helps you create editable wireframes and prototypes. It can convert screenshots into prototypes. You can even use hand-drawn sketches and built-in templates to create unique designs. Visily is mostly used by UI/UX designers, product managers and developers who need a tool to convert a boring idea into something tangible. 

  • Fotor 

Fotor is an AI mock-up tool which you can use to create high-resolution designs at an affordable price. You can easily use it to create mock-up ideas into simulation such as billboards, a t-shirt or a desktop wallpaper. It’s more like a multi-platform photo editing software. There are even social media templates and presets which you can use. 


AI has definitely made complex processes simpler. Using an AI mock-up tool will definitely be a value-add for any designer. It will redefine the way they work and make them more efficient over the years. 

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