Stay fashionably comfortable while working from home this summer

Dressing has a major influence on your psychology.Even the famous book- Look Good, Feel Good acknowledges this fact. While discipline is an essential factor to ensure productivity when working from home, wearing fashionably comfortable clothing helps you boost your confidence and also adds to your productivity.

Most people tend to get complacent while working from home and it canmar your quality of work due to various distractions. There is a need to create an environment that makes you feel like you are in an office while working from home. Dressing can add a great deal to it.

Here are a few trendyand comfortable options:

Breezy and trendy clothes

In this season, it is ideal to wear loose, breezy clothes which are comfortable yet trendy. Chic style dresses which otherwise may not be carried at work place can also be worn well while working from home

Shorts are the new formals

Explore cotton based shorts, knee length loose pants as it allows you to sit comfortably while working in any spot of your home

Hair-dos that don’t get in the way

You may not want to keep fidgeting with your hair while tackling office work and household work. A ponytail, braid or half bun would look effortless and keep you at comfort

Work your way with dresses

Knee length dresses, shirt dresses, kaftans, kimono dresses are comfortable and fashionable to wear while working from home

No pant styles

Less is more while working at home. It is your very ownhome and staying off pants can help during summer. You could opt for no pant styles by wearinglong shirts, boyfriend T-shirts, or an old formal striped shirt

Play with accessories

Innovate and feel fresh by experimenting with accessories like scarfs. You could wear scarfs in stylish ways. It could be worn on head, on sleeve, or on neck

Wear the right colors

Pastel and bright colors not only look the best, it can be a great mood setter. So pick out apparels with the right hues from your wardrobe to make your day more colorful

Fabric matters

Opt for cotton or regenerated cellulosic or cellulose blended with synthetic fibers as it gives more comfort due to its absorption properties. It is ideal that the fabric is light weight with good air permeability

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