Winter 2016 – What’s Trending!

Sitting in my veranda, basking in the warm morning winter sun, cuppa tea in hand, I breathed in the cool air. Instantly, I was sent down memory lane of all winters bygone. At once, I was reminded of all guilt-ridden hot foods that can actually be gulped down without any penitence. Thanks to this season! After all, your body needs it to keep warm!! Next, I was filled with memories of grandmother’s hand-knitted sweaters and traditional shawls in mom’s possession. The classics! Today’s geners (generation) have much more on their platter to choose from. Every winter there is a new fashion knocking on the door. Hey, it struck me, so what’s IN this winter?!!! So people, let me put before you a list of trends that ruled the ramp at various fashion capitals across the world. A must read for students in the fashion designing course. The Fall/Winter 2016 collection has choices ample to explore from. From extra long sleeves to the new avatar of the velvet, here’s what to choose from to keep you warm and yet look cool.


  1. Extra long sleeves, i.e. sleeves longer than usual made an appearance on the ramps. These sleeves double up as gloves functionally, since they come well below your fingers. Puffed shoulders, bell sleeves, leg-o-muttons made a comeback with a dash of eccentricity.
  2. Turtlenecks, a style dating at least to the 15th century, saw a comeback yet again. Suited by itself for subtle winters or layered when cold.
  3. Capelets featured on the ramp. Most appropriate for minimum warmth, it lends a demure look.
  4. Animal prints, more specifically feline prints, made a mark on the runaways. Time to show your wild side with this ferocious trend!
  5. One of the most practical winter fashions, the hoodie figured on the ramp.
  6. The colour pink was a strong feature this season. Blush rose, bright magenta, pink with yellow, pink prints, mauve ruled the runaway at various shows. Apart from pink, what caught attention was the use of a bright colour palette this winter, a deviation from the regular dull winter colours. Lemon yellow, cobalt blue, fuchsia, blood red, fire orange livened up the runaways.
  7. The old grey plaids made a comeback albeit with unexpected silhouettes.
  8. The one shoulder with tons of ruffles added on was a prominent feature. Shoulder or not, ruffles are in.
  9. The most interesting and unique silhouette was that of a one arm top. Mind you, it differs from the one shoulder. In good humour, it is your regular top wherein the tailor forgot to stitch on one sleeve. Albeit here, the absentmindedness is worthwhile. The one arm top has surely shown up aesthetically. We have to wait and watch, whether this fashion catches on. Although, in my opinion this one’s sure gonna catch attention worldwide (coz I am loving it!).
  10. The usual pullover was also spotted but in a much oversized version and striped.
  11. Bold prints are predicted to be the next ‘in thing.’
  12. Metallic dresses added high octane to the ramps.
  13. Velvet was the new spectacular at the events. The royal fabric is back with a softer feel and bright colours. Velvet gowns contouring the figure in the most desirable ways were visible.
  14. Bright shoes were the highlight of this season’s trend.
  15. I have clubbed all the jackets/coats trending in a single point. Choose your layer! The puffed jacket, restyled with a metallic or feathery look, is the best to counter subzero temperatures. Revamped navy or military overcoats were notable. Patent leather trench coats with a shiny finish were spotted at different shows. The vinyl jacket at ankle length, shiny or printed, showed the height of seductive sophistication. Faux fur/ fur jackets in bright colours made a statement on most runaways. Fur stoles also made a comeback, the difference being in their diagonally styled drape.

This more or less sums up the Fall 2016 fashion. So people, there’s lot to choose from. What’s your pick? You don’t have to be in the fashion designing course to choose your style. In case you have already picked your style statement for the season…great! Let me throw in some ideas for those who haven’t. Bold prints are definitely the new thing. Grab them. Add the zing to wherever you go with peppy bright coloured shoes. In attire, go pink or choose from the bright colour palette. Get an oversized striped sweater and let it fall off one shoulder (lo behold! You have the one shoulder fashion too. Wink wink!!). Lead the pack. Check the one arm fashion and get it tailored (fashion designing course students, this is for you!). It might take a while to hit the market. Use velvets, metallics, feline prints for your evening wear. Feline prints can also be used in stoles, shoes or in other accessories. Try the capelet. It is cuteness defined. Use faux fur in collars or in other details. Men can carry this off too. Team the turtleneck with your trouser, palazzo or skirt. Finally, layer with any of the trending jackets, as per warmth required. So folks, lay your hands on the chilled out stuff and stay warm!

– Ritu S.

(Ritu has been associated with various reputed colleges in Goa and Bangalore as lecturer in the field of fashion design)

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