A Father is an unsung hero, a role model, an inspiration for their children. He is the backbone who guides you with strong values and keeps you motivated to evolve.

Every Year Father’ Day is celebrated on the Third Sunday of June all around the world. The day is dedicated to recognize and appreciate the devoted, compassionate man you call your superhero, benefactor, your inspiration, and your role model. Yes, the day is here to celebrate the bond between fathers and their children.

Parent’s love is perpetual, where no return to the love received from parents is. Nevertheless, for those who can’t express their feelings, this rare occasion is the right time to convey their unconditional love and emotions to them.

The Designers

Dr M.M Kariappa & Mr Nishank Kariappa
Dr M.M Kariappa & Mr Nishank Kariappa

Vogue Institute of Art and Design was one of the first institutes in India, founded by Dr. M.M Kariappa with an aim to enhance art and design education in India. He always wanted to make Art and Design courses accessible to all who had a passion for art, fashion, interior design, animation, and more.

His son and daughter both have been inspired and take him as a strong role model. His son, Mr. Nishank Kariappa, got into the field of jewelry design in the year 2003 when jewelry design courses were very few. He was encouraged by his father, and he pursued his master’s degree in Thailand at the Gemology Institute of America. He worked abroad for about 6 years in the field of design, production, and marketing. Now it’s been nearly a decade that he has worked with his father at their institute as General Manager.

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