This World Environment Day- Revamp your wardrobe with natural dyes at home

Revamp your wardrobe with a splash of natural dyes

Look at nature’s spectrum of colors and shades in a whole new light. Fashion and Textile faculty at Vogue Institute of Art and Design shares easy ways to make use of natural waste ingredients to transform your wardrobe with a new collection. Make use of the waste generated from the kitchen and turn it into natural dyes. This not only promotes recycling of waste, it paves the way for circular fashion at home. Celebrate the beauty of the environment by taking that small step to reduce, reuse, and recycle waste. Shades of Peach Turn those old tops into shades of peach with the use of avocado pits. Heat it to boiling temperature for about 10 minutes, allow the color to develop for 10 minutes, and dip your top in the natural dye for a half-hour. Depending on the fabric, the top changes to a different shade of peach. Avocado turns your linen fabric to light peach pink, silk to light peach, and wool to light blush.  Yellow and Olive Green Make use of marigolds used for auspicious occasions to turn your apparel into a light shade of yellow. The procedure is the same as avocado pits. Marigold turns cotton and linen into light yellow and can further change to olive green when a hot iron is placed on it. Pink Similar to the natural dye process with marigold flowers, hibiscus can be used to get a cool shade of pink on linen Shades of Orange If you thought that turmeric would turn your clothes yellow, you must know it could turn your linen clothes to a shade of bright tangerine. Shred the turmeric and boil it in water for 10 minutes, place the fabric in the water and let it boil for another 10 minutes and set aside for 30 minutes. You can also turn the fabric into bright yellow with the use of white vinegar. The same method can be applied for yellow onion skins to turn your linen apparel into a warm orange shade. Purplish Gray Apply the turmeric-based natural dye process recycle red onion skins and turn your apparel into a purplish-gray shade Bright Rust Madder Root can transform your linen fabric into a gorgeous bright rust shade. Apply the same process of turmeric-based natural dyes and enjoy the new look of your fabric. Coffee Brown As a layman, we only understand the importance of coffee as a tastemaker with milk or maybe water; it acts as a great dye agent for fabrics. Transform your white crop top into quirky attire with sprays of coffee syrup that has an expiry date. Take the coffee shaded fabric and rub it with shredded potato and you get a nice suede texture. Lavender and Green Black beans can give you a unique range of colors on your fabric. When used as a colorant, it turns the fabric into a blue-green shade and lavender shade. The hack is to prepare the liquid color by mixing lavender flowers and black beans. On the other hand, prepare granules of black beans.Tie it into different places of the fabric to give it a pebble effect. Later, dip the same tied fabric into the lavender and black bean mixed colorant You could also use the waste generated from red cabbage to turn your apparel into purple, spinach leftovers for green and beetroot scrapes to change the apparel shade into bright red.  
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