Need for intellectually preparing students for a post-pandemic scenario

Need for intellectually preparing students for a post-pandemic scenario

Covid-19 has impacted the world in different ways and caused changes in industry patterns. From businesses impacted in multiple countries, to changes in consumer behavior, there is a lot to tackle within a short span. As the global economy has been impacted, the future leaders of the industry need to understand the new developments and adapt to the changes in the industry. It can take place with the help of education institutes bridging the gap between the industrial demands and education programs.

Education institutes need to impart knowledge about the changes in the industry patterns and keep students updated about what to expect. Final year graduates and post-graduates especially face the heat as they will step towards their professional life in a year’s time.

Here are a few practices that can be undertaken to prepare the students for a post-pandemic scenario:

Update students about the global scenario in the industry

It is essential to stay updated about the global industry through news mediums. This will help get clarity about our country’s status versus the rest of the world and also give a perspective on the scope for growth in respective industries. It is ideal to keep the students updated about the news and give a realistic picture of the industry so they are mentally prepared to face the challenges and new opportunities. This can be executed by creating a webpage that shares the latest information and advice for the students.

Connect with industry experts

Industry experts are one of the most essential people to stay connected with to know more about the industry. This can help in getting regular updates about the market conditions, the new changes in the industry, and attain trend forecasts. Industry experts can also share suggestions for the students to adapt to the changes. Due to the present situation, many industry experts are volunteering to share their experience with the student community and benefit the students and professionals. Covid-19 has increased the proximity between industry and education institutes.

Conduct virtual talk-sessions

Initiate talk-sessions with students to share the difference in industry practices before and after Covid-19. Some of the practices will continue to remain the same while the rest of the operations can see visible changes. This will help students not only understand the new developments but the reason behind the changes in processes.

Workshops for new skills

Upgrade the curriculum by introducing workshops that can help students learn new skills as per the new industry demands and consumer behavior patterns. The pandemic has made businesses realize the need for emotional intelligence, crisis management, and quick problem-solving skills. With these new skills, students can be in a better position to match up to the industrial requirements

Adapt virtual practices

The pandemic has caused a major switch to work from home options, even in fields like fashion and design. There is a need for students to learn the most updated software and develop their digital skills

Chalk out opportunities

With challenges come opportunities. Students need to explore the industry with a fresh perspective and build a collection of ideas on the opportunities that lie ahead post the pandemic. As a generation that will enter the post-pandemic world, students can think about the opportunities under the guidance of their mentors

Develop solution-based projects

While sharing the analysis report about the changes in industry patterns, institutes can invite students to build solution based projects. This will create a sense of ownership and thought-leadership among students and prepare them to face the challenges with a strategic approach

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