Choosing the Right Fashion Designing College: Things to Consider

Choosing the Right Fashion Designing College

For years, fashion design has been a vibrant, creative and dynamic industry. It is a lucrative career choice especially among the younger generation. However, just being passionate about the subject isn’t enough. It is very important to have formal education in fashion design and management. The first step towards building a career in fashion is selecting the right fashion designing college in Bangalore.    

There is a common misconception that a fashion design course is just about making beautiful clothes. However, there is much more to that. Understanding textiles, garments, sewing techniques and patterns are a few topics that come under the realm of fashion design. A good course in apparel designing will also introduce students to the latest design software, techniques, current trends and also offer knowledge about the business side of fashion such as marketing and management. 

Types of Fashion Design Courses

Before we list down the factors you must consider when choosing a fashion and apparel design institute, let us look at some of the popular courses that exist:

Bachelor’s degree in fashion design:

This is one of the most common programmes students pursue after they complete their 10+2. It typically spans three to four years, and can either be a BSc, B.Des or BA in fashion design.  

Master’s degree in fashion design:

After securing a bachelor’s degree in fashion design, students who want to specialise in a certain area can further take up a two-year master’s programme. 

Diploma in fashion design:

For students who want to learn the basics of fashion design, a one-year diploma programme is also a good idea. A lot of reputed fashion designing institutes in Bangalore offer regular as well as weekend diploma programmes. 

5 Factors to Consider when Choosing the Best Fashion Design College

With so many prestigious fashion design institutes in Bangalore, choosing the right one can be quite a challenge. Here are a few things you must keep in mind to shape your career in the right direction:

Credibility & Accreditation

Before you begin the application process, the first thing you must assess is the reputation of the college/institution. Speak to past students to get an understanding of their experience. You can even check out the website and social media pages of the institutes you’ve short-listed. This will give you a fair understanding of how the institute is rated. Next, check the accreditation and recognition the college has received. If it is backed by credible national and international level accreditations, it is worth considering.

Course Curriculum

Fashion design is a multifaceted field. Check if your preferred institute offers the program you’re looking at. Once you’ve found a course that aligns with your career goals, deep dive into the curriculum. These days, there are a gamut of fashion designing programmes. Based on your qualifications, check if you need a bachelor’s or master’s degree, or diploma. Whichever course you choose, ensure the curriculum is comprehensive. Getting upgraded academic, technical and practical knowledge is imperative if you want to succeed in the fashion industry. The curriculum should cover all aspects of fashion design including fabric and textile selection, sketching, sewing, pattern-making, visual merchandising, computer-aided design (CAD), and so on. 


Besides an industry-relevant curriculum, the infrastructure the college offers also matters. Check if the institute has well-equipped training labs, studios and classrooms. Sewing labs, training workshops and libraries can further enhance your learning experience. When an institute uses the latest tools and technology as part of their teaching techniques, they get greater exposure which further gives them an upper hand in their career later in life. As much as classroom knowledge is important, practical experience also matters.

Faculty experience and ratio

Consider the experience and qualification of the faculty. Those who have industry experience will be able to give every student a clearer picture of what the fashion industry entails. You can also check if the institute has any guest lecturers or mentors as their visiting faculty. Another thing to consider when choosing a fashion and apparel design course is the student to faculty ratio. It’s a major predictor of the educational experience you’re likely to receive at the institute. A low ratio ensures you will receive one-to-one mentorship from industry veterans. This is the best way to update your fashion knowledge and skills. 

Placement opportunities

Does the college you’ve shortlisted offer campus recruitment and placement opportunities? Well, this is an important point to consider. Most fashion designing colleges in Bangalore offer campus placements wherein reputed designers, brands and companies visit various institutes to hire the best candidate. Choosing a college with a good placement record assures you a job after graduation. 


Besides the above-mentioned factors, it is also important for you to define your career goals and understand what type of fashion design course you want to specialise in. Choosing the right institute is a big decision. Admissions for fashion designing programmes for 2024 have already begun. Thus, if you’re looking to apply for the same, now is your chance. Vogue Institute offers an array of fashion and apparel design courses.

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