“The apparel oft proclaims the man.”
-Shakespeare, Hamlet

Questions often asked about fashion usually revolve around what‘s the purpose of fashion, what are the latest trends in fashion and what has caused them? Answers to these are many, but the real question is, what exactly is Fashion?

Well, it’s something we can notice around every day, it speaks loud and clear about a person. We are constantly changing with new ideas and trends influencing what we wear.  It’s like a language of acceptance or rejection of one’s own identity confirming to the society we live in. This constant change keeps life interesting, acting as a yardstick of measuring cultures and moods.

Clothes reveal a lot about a person’s style – an impression that makes a statement before you’d say a word. It isn’t something you just wear; how comfortable you feel on the inside also elevates confidence, which matters a lot.  From formals to casuals, fashion speaks beyond purposes. Over the years, it has found a safe abode in music, videos, movies and commercials. These in turn, influence us as a society. The fashion world is booming with designs, patterns, fabrics, embellishments and colours forging forward every single day.  This massive industry involves a plethora of activities like brainstorming, researching, designing, cutting, sewing, buying and selling; the buzz created is immense and affects everyone globally.

Accessories highlight the finer aspects of a person’s taste and style. They boost an outfit and offer a varied look every time creating newness. Earlier, workwear was labelled as dull and boring. Today, it is swirling in smart, vibrant colours, chic trends that commemorate the free, working spirit, contributing to a work space that’s fun and focussed. From watches and jewellery to handbags and shoes, accessories have definitely earned their solid places in our wardrobes.

Clothes define a person, mirroring or even sometimes, concealing, their deepest secrets! Fashion allows the persona inside all of us to shine forward. Like the famous French designer Coco Chanel once said – the two things a girl needs to be in life is classy and fabulous!

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