Come BUILD your dreams!

All of us have built our dream homes in our imagination.  But how many dream of altering the skyline of their city? Or more so, are passionate about beautifying the concrete jungle of the world? If you do, then my friend, it has to be Architectural Design for you. Man has been an architect since the time they have come to being. Starting with mud, stones and wood, he has come a long way. Great must be the architect of the Aryan times, that their work don’t cease to amaze till date. Remarkable must be the architects of the ancient Egypt, Byzantine, Greeks and Romans who beautified the city and gave it their present heritage. The architects long gone and their names lost in transition, but their work stand tall reminding us all of a wondrous past. Times have changed, sensibilities have changed, requirements have changed, but the architect remains the crux to any construction plan. How? Well, sketching and building the model plan to a T may be your domain. But the builders and construction team work on your measurements and other guidelines to build to reality what you foresaw with your pencil. So you happen to be the most important ‘beginning’ to any such plan!

Where to begin?

A 10+2 with the required percentage and you are ready to enter this world. A flair at drawing and creativity would be an advantage and give you an edge above the rest. A dash of passion added would be a heady mix, making you soar above the skyscrapers you build! Scores of colleges around the country offer the course.

Vogue Institute of Fashion Technology (VIFT) offers a degree program in 3D Design and Architecture. Since its inception in the year 1996, VIFT has traveled an illustrious journey, thriving on its initial objective and promise of imparting industry specific education to today’s youth. The institution, rated as one of the top fashion designing colleges in India, has been focusing in providing training that promotes employable skills and enhances social relevance.

Various mix of subjects at the Institute in this course prepare you for the challenges that lie ahead. Illustration, construction detailing, materials, history, design, CAD, acoustics, Vaastu,  sanitation, plumbing, electricals, draftsman, graphics, model making are a part of the course. It is interesting to note that students are also trained to understand construction in relation to climate in ‘Climatology’ and also to understand construction in relation to the cities/countries existing social culture in ‘Social Culture.’ The two being important to understand depending on the city or country you choose to work in. ‘Green,’ the in thing is also made part of the curriculum. That is, keeping in mind eco-friendliness and sustainable development.

At Vogue, there’s an added advantage with subjects like Interior Design and Product Design incorporated. Product design opens your mind to constructive, creative and practical designing. Interior designing goes hand in glove with Architectural Designing.


Apart from working with builders as an Architect, one can choose from other career options as well like kitchen consultants, junior designer, draftsman, junior project manager, etc. A beginner can draw anywhere starting 25,000 per month or more.


The need for built up spaces is ever growing. Whether it is residential spaces, office area built ups or commercial property, all require the expertise of an Architect to begin with.  With population and purchasing power on the rise, this need will never decline. But in this thick competition, only the one with a difference in designing or innovating can make himself truly visible. Regular is passé. So create, design and build and always remember, “Your best has to be the next!”

– Ritu S. with inputs from Jayalaxmi Dilip

(Jayalaxmi is faculty in Interior Design at VIFT. Ritu has been associated with various reputed colleges in Goa, Bangalore and Vadodara as faculty in the field of fashion design)

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