Are you passionate about designing and aspire to be a fashion designer?

If yes, then you need to be extremely dedicated and motivated to explore new arenas in the evolving world of fashion.

Being fashionable is no longer the domain of celebrities. People from all walks of life are celebrating fashion like never before and they have opened up to the idea of varied styles and trends.

The growing popularity of Fashion has also led to an increased demand for professionals in this field.

To make your mark as a fashion designer, you can either follow the conventional route and complete a fashion designing courses in one of the best fashion designing colleges in India or embark on your own.

If you are looking to start as a fashion designer, here are some tips to help you get started on your first project.

Build a Mood Board

It is essential to start off with a mood board for your very first collection. It helps to put your ideas on paper and will keep you focused.

Mood Boards

Make Designs

Start designing as quickly as possible. You can either draw them or cut images to make your design. Use computer software to make unique patterns and designs. Online drawing tutorials can be quite useful.

Make designs

Find the Right Materials

To start work, you need to get hold of the fabrics, zippers, buttons, colors and other essentials. Visit textile markets and start sampling ingredients. Don’t forget to carry a color palette to choose the right shades of fabric and accessories.

Find the right material for Fashion Designing

Create Patterns

Your designs will slowly come to life when you start creating patterns. You can sew them yourself or get the help of experienced tailors to do it for you. Also, find the right size chart for the collection you are designing.

Create patter for your cloth

Design Prototypes

Look for models to try your designs. It will help to make the prototypes, which are generally made with a plain fabric without colors or patterns. Make changes according to your design requirements and send it to the factory for creating the actual dress. You can make alterations in the fabric or color combinations at this stage.

Design a Prototype


Once your prototype is completed with the real fabric and accessories, it can be promoted online. Create look books, get a photoshoot done and send the images to design houses.

Promote your clothes

Final Order

Depending on the number of pieces ordered, you can place manufacturing orders and continue designing further.

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