If one were to ask what makes an art appreciable, it may seem quite complex for a common man to express and thus would like to stay away from the seemingly dreadful task.

A certain degree of skill and an inherent interest towards artwork is what is required for anyone to be a true appreciator of art.

An EYE for the ART

An Eye for Art

There must be an eye that can sense and differentiate between the obvious elements and those that are only used as a means to create something that is forced to qualify as art.

This subtle attribute of the eye is essential to understand and acknowledge the fine elements that one fails to observe in the first look. Over time, these finer sensibilities enhance the ability to appreciate a piece of art by understanding those points that are a must-know.

What is the real meaning of Art Appreciation?

Art Appreciation
Art Appreciation

Art appreciation does not mean that one has to (or is forced to) like anything and everything in the name of art. Neither the review of an art appreciator must be influenced by that of a critic.

The review must be original, fresh and must possess a sense of individualism. Art must be felt before an honest opinion is put forth. It is the same when one judges by the ‘inner eye’, keeping a blindfold on and then express through the feelings when the art is sensed without seeing.

It may not be always possible that one comes up with a ‘perfect’ judgment about an artwork. This happens when one is not able to clearly understand what that artwork really means.

It is fine though, that occasionally one is unable to have any specific opinion about that artwork.

There should not be any force when one is set to the task of art appreciation. This will only result in performing a task for the sake of doing it and thereby the real essence of the artwork that is under the appreciator’s vision is really lost.

Any appreciation that is either forced or faked will never be accepted in the right spirit. The real winner is the one who shows their individuality and expresses a genuine opinion.

How to become an Art Appreciator?

Art is a vast and subtle subject. One does not simply become a connoisseur of art until he/she really can understand the nuances of it. It is as if trying to review something that you are not really aware of.

But, getting educated about art is really very easy. The best exercise that one can do in order to be a thorough art appreciator is by reading and educating oneself. Making oneself understand the type of artworks that one is interested in helps to narrow down the choice of learning.

Studying the works of master critics is an easy way of getting into the practice of art appreciation. Magazines and online websites publish such works that are easily accessible to the ones who are really interested in getting to understand art and acknowledge their beauty.

Now It’s Your Turn!

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