Understanding Colour Psychology in Products and Brand Marketing

If one were to ask about the most prominent quality of Marketing, it would definitely be – persuasion. And, quite surprisingly, today’s marketing phenomena is almost governed by colors. Understanding their psychology thus becomes very vital for the success of a product.

There have been numerous researches in this aspect which suggest that the success of a product does not solely depend on the wise usage of colors.

This happens due to differences in personal choice, experiences, the environment around us, the upbringing, cultural preferences and contexts which are quite complex to understand and interpret in terms of colour choice. So, it is unlikely that one can arrive at a perfect conclusion about how colours (or a particular colour) affect our lives.

Importance of Colors in Branding

Importance of Colors in Branding
Importance of Colors in Branding

Like marketing, branding plays a prominent role in the make or break decisions pertaining to a product. So, let us begin with the understanding of the importance of colors in branding.

There have been many case studies done with respect to understanding consumer behaviour as a response to the colours. But, it is out of experience or personal preferences, colours translate themselves into specific feelings that are subjective in nature.

However, the true essence of this could only be understood in a broader perspective found in color perceptions.

Researches have shown that the majority of impulsive buying has been mainly due to colour alone, but depending on the type of product. The perceived appropriateness of colour is the building block between brands and colours when it comes to making the choice of a particular brand.

It is also true that the majority of consumers judge the personality of a brand through the projected colors and this holds good for a long period of time.

There have been significant examples of certain brands being popular for a long period of time, or make the brand immediately recognizable solely based on the color schemes used in branding.

It is also important for a designer to make a wise and careful choice of colors for the product/ brand while pitting it against the mighty competitors and this becomes extremely challenging for someone who has just found a footing in marketing and branding strategies.

How does one decide – which is the right color?

which is the right color?
which is the right color?

It is not enough to have good knowledge about colors, but one must understand that it takes precedence when color appropriateness dictates consumer reaction in deciding the fate of a product.

Thus, it can be concluded that there are no real specific guidelines to choose colors when it comes to products/ brand marketing. It always holds a relative answer – that which suits it the best.

Also, it is essential to understand the domain one is working for and choose the colors accordingly. Ultimately, it is the essence of feeling and mood that a brand/product that really matters and decides whether it is a winner or not.

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