New technologies for fashion forecast

You see a cool style on the screen today and in 45 days you have it in the store. Thanks to the fashion scouts and super-fast procurement and delivery systems, this is now a reality.

Designers should have a good understanding of what consumer needs and what influences them. Thanks to the internet and to highly efficient trend portals on the internet, it is possible to access the international trends from one’s own desk.

The designers then use this information and using their ideas and creativity make design sketches along with the details like processing requirements, the various fabric options, and trims requirements.

This data is compiled in what is called the Product Data Management (PDM). PDM is accessed by the developing team, either in-house or at the manufacturer’s end through the internet.

Mood boards are digitally created which shows the colors, design and the mood for the particular collection. Animated 3D visualizations, also called ‘virtual catwalks’ are used to show the collections to the sales team.

Hence, the process of preparation of actual samples is eliminated for the regular basic products, though new developments may need a prototype to bring together the design, fit, price and quality and to ensure that they are appropriate for the target customer.

The software’s used are very user friendly and also help in minimizing the time required to do a task. The patterns are done using the software while considering the drape and elasticity of the fabric.

The cutting and grading starts with 2D pattern and dresses the virtual model. It also shows details like fall of the fabric, areas where there is stretch, depending on the parameters entered. The corrections made on the 3D image are converted into the 2D form.

The PPC (Production Planning and Control) tool indicates the available capacity and length of production time to delivery. We can also get history of sales which helps in forecasting initial sales.

All this put together helps in achieving the jet speed availability of goods in the stores, reducing the cost, time and travel in the due course.   

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