The word technology does not mean that it is connected to the IT world or Google, Microsoft, Intel, etc… Technology is very important even in the fashion industry and textile industry.

Nowadays technology is involved in all stages, the main use of technology in any kind of work is to simplify the human effort, it is time-saving and fast.

For example, in the production houses there would be at least 10 to 20 styles running at the same time and each style would have thousands of pcs, it becomes very difficult for the factory to keep a track on all that is happening hence all the style/stitching details are entered and with the help of a software which will be developed for each organization the factory will be able to keep track of the status of the orders.

In regards to fashion technology, we often hear many words such as CAD, PDM, POS, ERP, etc.. all these are software developed to keep a track on or to ease the effort and also to save time.

CAD CAM is used in the lectra department to make the markers and calculate the marker efficiency, Corel draw can be used in the design department and so on there is the use of technology in every aspect of fashion design. 

Technology does not only mean computers or software it also includes the machines which are used for sewing, the cutting tools, embroidery machines,  pressing equipment, packing machines, etc.. Machines are always evolving and changing over the years this happens only because of the innovations in technology.

The fashion industry always needs to keep updating the machines and systems since fashion is also something that keeps on changing. The fashion industry is a very good example of how technology has evolved over the years.

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