A  resurgence of demand for easy care cotton containing casual wear led to the introduction of  WRINKLE  FREE cotton trousers. Blends of Polyester and Cotton and 100% Polyester suitings are naturally wrinkle free but the polyester being hydrophobic material it can not give the comfort to the wearer what a 100% cotton suiting can give.

The hygroscopic nature of cotton makes it a sought after material for garments, especially in a hot and humid climate. With global warming, 100% cotton material is preferred material for garments.

But the problem with 100% cotton garments is that they wrinkle badly as they have poor wrinkle resistance. That is why 100% of cotton material is given wrinkle-free treatment.

Wrinkle-free finish can be achieved in three different ways:

  • IMMERSION (Garments)

For pre-cure, the resin is applied to the fabric & fully cured at the mill to crosslink cellulose. Precure gives a good finish after wash, smoothness, imparts good dimensional stability & requires no additional wet processing treatment by the garment manufacturer.

For post cure, the resin is applied at the mill but not cured. After the garment is assembled and pressed, the resin is cured by heating to cross-link the cellulose and set the crease.

For immersion finishing, assembled garments are soaked in or sprayed with the resin, dried, pressed & cured. Immersion finishing gives a very soft hand, & premature curing is not a problem. Distressed looks can be incorporated prior to curing and garments soiled during processing can be cleaned prior to immersion.

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